Faction Wars and the People who are abusing and manipulating it to their liking

This isnt a bug, this is an exploit. Please keep this thread active and pay attention to it guys, i sincerely implore you. I’m in a low pop server where my faction is the minority. The other two are friends and they have been pushing us hard. and then guess what happened? one of the two biggest companies of my faction decided to merge into a company with our enemy factions. they came to us with the idea and we told them that we already have some active people and we did not want to give our leadership to people we dont know, people who only kept pushing us to edge of extinction in the game because we had low numbers. we wanted to keep our company name, company leadership but told them if they ended up changing factions, we would welcome them to our company, burying the hatchets. And now, just because we did not agree to this plan, including our factionmates, they are attacking us, provoking us, trash talking us, using sexual slang insults/slurs, basically trying to bully us and gang/mob on us… Now coming to exploit part. Guess what these people do. they exchange towns(for the upcoming merge, for 50k compensation), “intentionally throw wars away”, saving their faction change for the next server, breaking the code of conduct, and since they have the numbers, we cant prevent anything, anything at all. they want a conflict? its very easy for them to increase it. they lack people? they shouldnt have to worry because the other faction will fill the empty spots anyway… add our factionmates being friends with those and selling us out in exchange of the others giving them a place into the mix, and we have a shit show. ive sent several reports about this… i hope this faction joining on other factions’ wars thing gets removed, seriously. i mean i understand that people can unite against corrupted invasions, but faction wars should only be between two factions, no outside help should be allowed. influence should change also because its so easy for crowded people to throw somewhere into conflict. and i normally support the freedom of choice but seriously, there needs to be a limit for faction member numbers in servers, because seriously, its horrendous right now and with all these exploits, these toxic people are making the game very unbearable for us. and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy because not only it makes pvp unfun, it also affects pve… please do something about this. if the system stays, at least ban the people who do such things as a deterrent action.

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