Factionless (mechanics/ideas)

Factionless first and foremost should be able to do the storyline.

For PvP-Factionless should be vulnerable to all factions. At the same time be able to attack all factions.

Mercenary mechanic- As a factionless your ideologies sway by the coin. Companies should be given an option to hire a Mercenary for individual dungeons or wars ( granting said Mercenary temporary membership for the company/faction)

As a factionless you might be part of a pseudo-company. The mechanics behind this would be tricky so let’s not dive into it just yet.

As a Mercenary your reputation is key. You will be relying heavily on your achievements and people recommending you by work of mouth.

That’s all for now, got any suggestions please throw them in the comments below!


This is a journey, stay free brother! and +1 to that idea.

love this idea, also just thought of making a post like this myself.

Would love to see a townless mechanic, where maybe they don’t get any bonuses but they get a camp site bonus or can set up taxless trading posts that nearby people can see on a map, and maybe make 1/2 as much as they would make if selling at a town.

Maybe even stashless mechanics where they then have a pack mule, homeless so you can get a tier 6 camp that you can permanently set up (no fast travel but persists even when offline) with extra inventory, maybe even a extra bag slot or two.

And of course the mercenary mechanic - absolutely agree. Maybe even give us a Mercenary Hall / Fort for everyone to meet at, or even let the mercenaries take over a fort for themselves.

Something along these lines could be very interesting from a Player vs Player standpoint. Balance could be an issue, but small groups of players with no alliance would provide much more pvp content.

You can technically go factionless right now but it locks you out of way too much content to be a truly viable playstyle

You cannot flag for PVP unless you have a faction… otherwise who do you hate and why?

I am presently pursuing this coarse of action; level 32 and factionless.

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Honestly you are not locked out from much of the content, as there is no content. The only contents you are locked out are main-questline, wars and invasions. As a lvl 60 factionless i’ve been able to do almost everything, outpost rushes, dueling, sidequests, dungeons, corrupted areas, and so on.

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