Faction/life improvement i would like to see

Move combat buff ‘Stalwart’ and Hale and Hearty’ into faction base
-too many town run this buff wasting 2/4 buff on each town and other perk being not considered. just like music tip, the buff could only obtain after a tip. a token/stuff from expedition for pver and pvp token/salt from pvper activity

Add cap to gold from territory tax pool for each faction

  • for example if a single faction own all town, they cap at 30% promoting faction change. and if a single company own entire it would nerf them. other 10% / 3.33%per faction is being distribute among the faction member equally

Faction base should serve more purpose/event plan

  • let the company leader for example to proc fort capture campaign or pvp chest run or other pve activity like fishing and stuff. maybe voting and stuff too. I guess for pve event might have options for all faction to join.

This is actually a novel idea. I wouldn’t cap it at 30% though maybe 50%. The goal isn’t perfect balance. Factions want to “win” and you don’t do that in a 3 way tie just to optimize money. There’s 12 territories now. Maybe 41.6% so it/s 5/12. Allowing for 5/5/2 split to be a minimum breakdown.

Just remove this as a buff that is activated and make it an award for being either the dominant or tied for dominant faction on the server.