Factions are skewed because lore was poorly thought out

In another mmo (probably can’t mention the name here) with big pvp (server v server) which also has factions (to a lesser extent, they do not matter in pvp but do in pve), they were developed with lore as such:

  • The spy faction, that deals with secrets and information
  • The paladins faction, the faction of the holy light which protects the land
  • The marauders faction, the fighters for freedom

So much room for choice in a fantasy RPG, however, here we are left with 2 very skewed towards opposite ends factions…

  • Marauders are still basically the same
  • Syndicate however is all for knowledge and science, very very popular in the modern world
  • And Covenant… (I chose this faction for balance btw) well Covenant is left in the dark ages with very very old school religious tones that don’t bode too well with the average players IMO.

Why this choice? Why couldn’t Covenant be more fantasy RPG and more about truth and protecting the land from all that corruption while Syndicate could’ve been more rogue type than just plain “knowledge and science” and more “truth and facts” than Covenant even… We are in a fantasy land where we are revived upon death and corrupted to our core, some imagination is very lacking in the lore of the factions.

I just hope something is changed a bit so more players are enticed to choose Covenant over plain “knowledge & facts” or “brute force” or “religious fanatics”, the choice is very skewed here.

Lore like that would have instantly made it like 5x more interesting. If the faction lore was like that I would have a lot harder time choosing but I doubt anything can be changed now that its out. Mechanics like xp, damage, defence amount can be changed if needed because they’re just numbers but lore changes have narrative and continuity implications that generally don’t make it feasible

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