Factions leaders using exploit to kick entire factions out of invasions

For three weeks now ,On Omeyocan server its almost impossible for someone from covenant or syndicate to join invasions on marauders teritories Due to factions greefing, players like me that don’t even play pvp are permaban from invasion just for being yellow. the leaders uses a exploit to put us at the end of the list until the invasions start . Thats what invasions been looking like for a whiles now .


This happened on the server I play on, its dominated by yellow and green, both block purple from joining ANY invasions so we never get to participate in anything. It sucks and yet AGS makes no statement on if this is ToS, just lock it so they cannot kick people if this is not the design or make a statement to clear it up please!
I won’t report people because I don’t know what is within the rules but it would be GREAT to get an answer and be able to actually participate in a large part of the game

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This happens all the time in my server, it is completely dominated by a yellow faction as this game is as unbalanced as it gets.

They keep kicking anyone who is not from their guild to let the game fill the spots until everyone is from them. We don’t even signup for invasions anymore since all but one territory belongs to the same godamn guild. I can’t wait for server merges.


I don’t believe they are considering kicking an exploit as of currently. Their team is looking into it as there are 2 sides players believe should happen. Some believe it should be random and can’t be kicked, others feel that when you own a territory you should be able to field a group of people that are organized to protect the settlement. I believe this post is the latest response they’ve had regarding this: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #1


As it is now , they don’t even try to complete the invasions anymore , they just sit there and wait their free gold .They even told us that it was impossible to complete so they will prioritize their factions members to get free gold and azoth … Me and my friends we don’t do pvp so its really annoying not being able to do the end game PvE contents … I don’t think a players should have the right to choose who can participate in PvE content for obvious reasons … If a dominant faction leaders doesn’t like you or just want to discriminate you for any reasons, you just don’t get choose for the end game activities , it doesn’t make sense to me . Everybody pay for this game should be able to participate …

I don’t think its normal to be allowed to kick anyone they don’t like from invasion, I can understand for wars but invasion, its PvE content, they can already choose 10 players and as stated it chooses 40 other players randomly, but being able to abuse the standby system to decide who come and be able to literally ban factions from the invasion make the “40 random player” completely useless.

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I do not know what AGS expected when they limited player selection to 10 but did not put a limit to kick and bans from invasions lol
On another hand it’s their territory I feel like they should have the power to decide who defends it. Be it wars or invasions.


its not a exploit. sigh this is a intended feature to get people who you deem not worthy of being in your invasion. if i had it my way i would make it the same as a war roster and allow you to put all 50 in yourself. so please delete your post as you are clearly unaware of the difficulty , money, and what a exploit is. ty ^^


I will not , Invasions are an enjoyable PvE contents that affect everybody in the town it occurs regardless of the factions , all lvl 60 should be allowed in . No player should have the right to ‘‘deem someone worthy’’ . A system should be in place to counter trolls and peoples who don’t participate , but clearly factions leaders are not fit to make theses decisions since they base their rosters according to how they feel , Meaning that even if you are very good and really want to contribute to the succes of the invasions , you might be discriminated because of the factions you choose or just because a single little gamer doesn’t like you .

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This is not an exploit. The leader only get to choose 10 players who sign up and its random for everyone else. The leader may however kick non-selected players for more favourable ones. One of the big reasons behind this is that some servers have so much hate between the factions that other factions are willing to throw an invasion against a rival faction.

This causes server wide lose as the crafting points are then down graded.

If you still have a problem with the kicking, think of it this way:

A random level 50 enters an invasion for a different faction and takes all the repair parts and never uses them as they dont know any better. This will greatly impact the success of the invasion and thus cripple the settlement.

This same scenario can be used for a level 60 purposefully sabotaging the invasion and grief other players by putting down all the placements in random areas that do no good.

This is why alot of company leaders kick unwanted players from invasions as comms and trust are still important.


Hey guys! I am part of a company that has 3/4 of the map. We have the same problem thats occurring here, we have non dominant companies complaining they can’t take part of a reward derived from PvP.
This is very similar of me, a person that doesn’t enjoy gathering as much, asking AGS to level up my fishing if I kill someone while running pvp quests (to take territories to be prio in invasions).

If you want to take part of invasion, a system that automatically hurts the owning company of the settlement (we’ve never won an invasiom before) and is EXTREMELY painful to set up. Go fight wars and… win them.

invasion are indeed a pve content but the territory was claimed through pvp content so we cant say that invasion is purely a pve content because to have the power to choose your army in invasion you must conquer the pvp content. and they governor can only pick 10 people and the rest 40 is chosen randomly which i think just let the governor able to pick the whole 50 instead because if not in the end some people gonna ended being kicked from the army.
in my server the company that own most territory set up a discord for people from their faction to submit their role and GS if they want to participate either for war of invasion. because they invasion is one of endgame content that they want to beat not just for the free gold and stuff.

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What do you mean ‘‘hurting’’ the company , all town upgrade are payed by the taxes of the peoples who play there , yes ?

Btw you wouldn’t hears complaint if factions leaders actually tried to wins theses , they send negatives messaged and tell people it isn’t possible … As it is now , they just favorise people of their factions or peoples they like and sit there waiting for free golds and azoth , Penalizing peoples like me and my friends who really want to win and its not fair .

Lastly , its easy to speak when you’re not on the receiving end of this discrimination , you guys don’t have to waste a lot azoth and time to go register at an invasions just to be kick at the last second . You can do whatever you want , even select lvl 50 players overs a lvl 60 from another factions , proving that you don’t really want to win , you just want to wiggles what little powers you have .

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I understand what you mean but there’s others way to insure there’s no sabotage or malfeasance than just excluding everyone that is not one of your faction … don’t you think ?

Its a reward from PvPing, which does not provide enough rewards already and is an intense grind. Your argument is of just wanting to participate.
My argument is, if I have 100 member cap and 50 of them are online, I’m choosing my 50 members. They’re the ones that grind pop quests, they’re the ones that stop crafting and making self advancements to protect and take forts. And they’re the ones that I hold my loyalty to. If you want pvp reward content, pvp.

P.s. your taxes, really? Lol.
Every invasion we have to pay over 30k, we have to pay taxes for settlements rhat dont even profit. I implore you, educate yourself on the whole situation.


While I do agree fully banning an entire faction is very scummy, they have the right to only want their faction people in the invasion. My take on this would be to cap the amount of people they can kick from the army. If there was a limit of kicking 5 people max I would say that would be a fair amount, maybe 10 idk.

We kicking people aswell. Because they are not trustworthy. also some people going afk and more. as territory owner you lose money if people griefing your invasion. so if someone dont want a faction that showed a bad face in the past , its totally understandable.

it is stupid enough that you have to play a invasion with randoms (even if i understand the reason behind it) , but to decide that we have to take everyone, ignoring levels, behaviors and more is just silly.

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Im in the same server and green leaders litteraly asked for a purple to give him money to get invited in the invation. I understand that if they want to win they will have to get all the best player but that is not what they are doing right now. Im always above 2 millions damage in invation and they know that but because they never really tried they think it is impossible to win so they just chose every green just to keep the reward inside their faction. I hope amazon will find something to change that because right now me and my friend are just tired of this and we think quitting the game and i bet we are not the only ones …

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Okay, we invite the other faction, they’re not on our discord, we can’t communicate.
They hate us, so they steal repair parts.
They are trolls, so they troll.


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you could just remember the name of the player who does that and list their name because not everybody wants to sabbotage .