Factions need some rework

Hear me out, I’m not saying my idea here is perfect or the right direction but I don’t like to suggest a topic and not offer a fix myself.

The first thing that I see as an issue is that the current faction system just rewards companies for their sheer size. After all the larger the company the more influence it can push out without requiring the rest of the faction. This turns everything into one or two head faction and the rest just having to fall in line.

The fix for this could go one of two ways. One could be limiting the number of territory a single company can own to 1, making it that if a faction own 4 locations it will be 4 different companies in charge. Another way would be to lower the number of max member in a company, this would make it so companies have to build some sort of reputation or alliance with other companies in their own factions to be capable of control.

Another option I would like to suggest would be some sort of council/political system for the factions. Say if XYZ company own a territory the rest of the faction should be allowed after 1 month of control to vote for that company to keep control or vote a new company in. This would force the current company to really think about their actions in said territory or risk losing the following of their faction.

The next suggestion I do have would be to add some sort of punishment system to faction changing. This could be something as simple as if you jump from M to C for example, your currently will gain faction reputation at say X0.8 instead of x1.0 and if you were to change back within the same year to M from C you will gain Rep at X0.5 or if you went from C to S it would double the current punishment making you gain at X0.6. This could reset once every 12 months.


I told them in beta, the faction system needs tools to play out faction and company politics, or the system will always be in danger of becoming stagnant.
You should be able to track the performance of companies, so you can avoid helping them, if they don’t care properly for their territories or have bad habits. This should be something in game, i don’t wand to make a list and constantly compare notes.

Very true, and if the whole concept of Factions is to be player driven and managed. Then the proper tools need to be provided.

There should be an overall Officer chat within factions that allows leaders of a company and selected members in said companies to speak to each other.

A true political system should be in place because if a factions has say 300 members and 100 of said members are in one company only it still leaves another 200 people having to do as the large company wants because they can hold the power without much risk to them.

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