Factions / PVP / Territory

3 Factions - 3 Starting Areas. Level 1 - 25
This 3 Areas are always for this Faction. the rest has no color.
If you are in your Area you are PVE flagged, but you can PVP flag in your “own” territory.
If you run in an ENEMY territory you will autoflag to PVP. why? because thats how it should be. if you just invade another country your in war… if you steal resources from another country you are in war. why is this allowed in this game?
When you win a territory with a war… it changes the color and you can chose again if you want to stay PVE or PVP flagged. so every war MEANS something. and every PVE player is not forced to PVP. the wars at the moment are for what? traveling azoth? i dont care if i pay 10% taxes to covs or syndicate or marauders… so all the wars are just for the azoth traveling? with the new patch the AH is global so the traveling is not worth anymore so you need a lot less azoth.

this change would make the game exciting and fun. i know a lot of pve players are saying no its not… you force us. but i ask you why are there wars and territorys in this game when you are only playing in PVE? if they delete territorys and wars nothing changes for you? so maybe you should think about if this is really a PVE game or a PVP game.

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