Factions Swap CoolDown

Should probably be lowered to 30 days. A lot can happen in a month and i think 60 days is just still too long of a cool down.


Thank you for the suggestion, thebiggestgamermc!

There are a few other similar suggestions this that have been sent over to the development team.

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Hey there. I represent the side of view when we think that most cooldown are even too low.
I don’t see the reason to change faction every month.
Personally playing one faction and only since the begining. And no matter how the map looks like. That’s the point. And You want what? Change faction every time You check who’s got most terrorities? Disappoiting.

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That’s a completely fair counterpoint, Brawurka.

Would be if you could swap to the faction who’s got the most territories. I only swap to the underdogs personally.

Sorry, but I still don’t see the reason to change faction every month.

We should make cooldown to change faction each 3 months. Also free transfer of character each 3 months (but You can’t go back to the server You left from).

And this will cure servers during time.

When map become bigger, we can even think about making one big global servers, one for EU, US, AU ,etc

Lots of changes every couple of weeks. People are alienated from making transfers that would get them more involved in the game. Better wait 3 months right?

At this moment character transfer is payable and also none using it. So yes, I think introducing free transfer from now on would be a still good move. I can find a hole in everything, but I do not see You proposing anything ? So it’s better to complain? Propose counter solution or save my time

Bro what? There are hundreds of transfers per week wtf?

are u playing a different game ? im pretty sure there alot of ppl that use the server transfer and not just the free ones.

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30 first time switch next should be 45 and max 60 if u dont switch for a longer time u start at 30 again.

Show me whre You get those numbers from. Cause just talking isn’t enough.
Not every server it’s the same, so the fact You observed few transfers on yours doesn’t means to multiple it by all server numbers ;d

Just curious, hypothetically speaking. If people could not change factions, or transfer as often. What would your solution be for extremely lopsided servers in regards to faction numbers?

Without an influx of players to recruit to make up the difference, i think that would make server balance much worse personally.

Are you EU? Because the big companies are constantly transferring and so are smaller companies trying to avoid the big companies. Also you put words in my mouth with your first statement. The game is stale. So many things happen in a month. It keeps the game fresh being able to switch factions and playing with new people. You want to put it back to 3 months which people hated in the first place? You are someone who is clearly disconnected from the game after reading some of your comments on this thread.

Wasn’t it 6 months on launch? Lmao.

Show me any proves. Any data about those transfer numbers.

You’re cleary EU because if you were on U.S we literally server populations change between servers when the big guilds transfer servers. That’s hundreds of people transferring and that has happened multiple times. Then there are the small guilds that transfer out the big servers because they can’t participate. Again, also happened multiple times. If you want proof go look at YaboiWilly’s stream there have been plenty of times where he tells his stream which big companies are transferring and where. I don’t need proof for you because the devs themselves have the data and they’re the ones who I’m trying to convince. You yourself don’t have any good reasons for not lowering the cd other than someone narrowminded thinking that doesn’t apply to most people.

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DUDE. The fact that some streamer told this few times here and there doesn’t prove ANY THING.
You are living in the world of illusions, where one single guy with opinion can convince You that “a massive transnfers are doing every week in NW” … That information it’s totally bullshit and we both know it. Open Your eyes. If You do not have or can’t bring any hard data about the facts You’re talking, then just be quiet cause this is no sense. You talking stupid things without any proves, and when asked for one, keep saying the same shit as it is some kind of ultimate truth…

HA! You clearly didn’t read what I said. The leaders of these guilds went on stream to say they were transferring. Which they did. If that isn’t evidence for you then you’re delusional. I actually want to know what server you’re on in EU because anyone with a brain can look at which servers were popular the died from transfers. As I can recall Rocabarra, Vega, Midgard. Those servers died after people left then they went to Dry Tree and Abaton. On U.S side for West El Dorado and Yggdrasil were around 800 before those companies transferred out to U.S east. Those servers are dead as well. Now for U.S east. Most of the companies came from pluto I think to Maramma. Then some of them went to Castle of Steel, Vahalla recently. Maramma server population dropped from 1800 to 1000 at peak. Some people from valhalla then transferred out to onohoo and castle of steel. Ohonoo’s population started increasing after some server transfers. Probably not enough evidence for you tho. Also look at this guy being xenophobic LOL.

This guy wants you to provide data on things that have actually happened that nobody can probably provide the exact numbers of except AGS.
We all know what you just said is true.
But he’s leaning hard on “solid evidence” for the sake of an argument - fully knowing that. Ends it with a weak hashtag. What a tool.