Fae EU: Status "UKNOWN"

as title:


Awesome. Must be nice to be able to get in and see that message but thanks for posting here, AGS should be paying for doing their job.

This is a message that’s on login screen. Everyone can see this. They rolled the message out around 14:29, though.

Funny, Fae disappeared on servers list


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tbh after being in a queue/kicked from queue constantly I’d stopped trying to log in.


That’s also normal when they’re doing restart of a server. It also shows as “World Disabled” in worlds list. Exact same thing happened in the morning rolling restarts. Just chill and wait 10 minutes for it to come back live.

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what the hell - if they’ve shut the server down that’s shockingly bad

lmao imagine wanting to play, literally starting your stream, just to find out the server ain’t working.
couldn’t be me lmao

What is wrong with this server, having issues whole day.

any info about fae?

it’s back up with que which seems worse than both Beta’s. Thought Beta was for testing this sort of thing but what do I know…

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