Fae is already dead

the point has come that the game is unenjoyable again. can we have a merge?

the tading post is irresponsibly shit! you can farm but nobody buys it…
peak time 240 ppl online

should we stop or get some help?

[[EU] Merge FAE server - #94 by Aenwyn] Manager replies to server merge (Fae)

Can we stop with the Fae spam already? It’s getting merged with the next wave, chill your keyboard.

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Spam? Clown :sweat_smile:

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Go search for Fae related topics the last few days and you’ll see who the clown really is.

I see :grin: you

Why its painfull for u if you are not on Fae. Clown

Fae merge is already announced probably next week… chill. Many FSSes on EU also must be merged asap …