Failure of the PVP influence on New World

I have to imagine that the dev’s want players to level crafting and discover recipes, etc. That said having them tied to this ownership topic and at the whims of 1 person who decides when to pay the bills and when to upgrade/downgrade the stations does not seem the best way to benefit the crafting and by extension economy of New World. I do love this game but perhaps finding a place for the PVE player is the future of this game. PVP players don’t seem as concerned with these and other pve issues so long as they can fight each other etc etc. Sure I could be wrong but just watch and see how much haters will attack this post of one person and one opinion over the pvp/pve issue and yet pvp players aren’t primarily focused on exploring all the content and world at large the way the pve player will given the chance to do so effectively. PVE player who are also likely to rinse and repeat on new different toons if you give them that chance as well. Just my 2 copper.

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