False Ban - Mass report and Ban's Issue

Dear Aeternum players, I’m here today to tell you about a “funny story” that maybe happens also to you or one of your friend with the intent, maybe, to make AGS reads this post and comments and fix this huge issue.

Yesterday, a dear Friend, got banned for the second time for 6 days for “cheating”, maybe next time his account will receive a perma.
You could ask, “Ok, What’s the problem?”
This guy, got banned, at least i think, for aim bot using musket, but he doesn’t use anything and he is just one of the best musket in his server and why not, in the entirety of the community.
How can i be that sure about his skill? Simple, he played 6 years as a Professional CSGO player and occasionally plays at Valorant at the higher rank a player can reach. I’m sure you, and AGS know how much your skill has to be good to play at these games to play at that level.
The same things happened to other friends that are really good player.
Why? Mass report.

Mass reporting is not anymore an instrument to ban bad player that ruin the game, but is a strat to win wars because being good at this game is a good reason to get mass reported and banned.
AGS, in private e-mails admitted more or less, to have banned him only for mass report and not for Cheat’s evidence from Easy Anti-Cheat.
This thing is going on from many months, maybe now the problem is getting resolved but still is not enough; literally, now, me with a group of people could just report a G-Axe War Hammer player for aim bot, and he’s probably going to receive a ban for a couple days.

I’ll link a screen about a person literally admitting that they’re going to mass report, but the one banned is the good player and not the mass reporters.
Many others friends have similar screens and I’m pretty sure, many of you also.

Pls, for my friend, that paid 40 bucks and could lose the account, and for every player that had and could have the same problem, upvote this post and add in the comment your thoughts on this situation and some more testimonies about it, maybe AGS will read and will fix this problem.
I don’t think I need to link his name, stats or something else cause many had the same problem, but if AGS will need it, we got many screens about his career, statistics and in-game achievement in and out New World, but as said, I’ll link a screen of one admitting to mass report, and a couple of screen of him pointing at him as a cheater.

Thanks for reading, and hope our efforts will not be vain.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3


Thanks Again Ags,
This is so embarassing…

Send the unblocked screen shot to AGS. They should ban that person for violating sections 1, 2, and 3 of the code of conduct.

So, mass reporting for cheating is the new strat to beat major companies and end their reign?
If true, i cannot even imagine the moment people start realisizing this can be exploited in a even worse way than any other bug in the game.

You are not able to beat a company? Easy → Mass report every player for cheating at the end of the game and 50 players will get banned for no reason at all.


He sent them in the live ticket, and they said nothing…
However we already reported him for it

You can also report them here Contact Us | Amazon Games


I think this is a major problem and we need to get at least an official Answer.

There is anything in place to check this mass report?
If the victim is a legit good player and is not using any kind of program/cheat there will be any consequences for the person who spams in chat ‘‘mass report this cheater’’ ?

If we need just 30-40 peoples to report someone in order to bann the account we’re getting in a very dangerous place, where people can get mass reported 3-4 times and loose everything just because someonelse is envy or raging

This can’t be tollerate, abusing the system to bann another player must be punished!

Please @Luxendra @Affiliate @Sandovall or any other community manager, can you give us an answer?

The moderators in the forum are going to deny mass reporting exists, but they do not work in the moderation department and I don’t know how closely they all work together. Do they work in the same building, same state, same country?

The issue might have nothing to do with “mass reporting,” but it might be something else that needs to get investigated. Alot of people are getting banned that don’t know why, and that is a problem.

I would be totally happy with a public shaming to just know what I did wrong to get banned for 2 on August 3rd.


Unfortunately as Community Managers, we are not a part of the Game Moderation or Support team. I don’t have any visibility into Game Moderation or the actions that team takes or access to the tools or reports that they use to determine suspensions.

Please ask your friend to send in a ban appeal here: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games since all in-game moderation discussions will be with the Game Moderation team and the person involved.