False Ban on EL Dorado (US west)

Our company governer was banned yesterday. His game name is 2STggxy. We are from EL Dorado in US west.

As i know him from very begining, to my best knowledge, he doesnt have any cheating actions, including botting, coin/dupe exploits, or RMT. However, yesterday he told us he got a permanent ban and recieved a bot reply from Amazon support. Right now he has submited a ticket to appeal, as his friend i would like to post our voices here to support him.

  1. From the bot reply, we could not understand what action results in the “cheating” ban, the reply only told us to follow the four rules. Based on my years game experience, almost all game companies will give a specific ban reason, such as “RMT” “gold dupe”. However from the reply, we cannot understand why he got banned. I think he needs a specific reason so he could appeal accordingly.

  2. My friend is our company governer, which is in charge of the company asserts. During hundreds hours of game, he is trying his best to build this compnay. He helps and vouchs the communication and trades between our crafters and normal members. Also he bought lots items from AH not only for himself but mostly for company material stockpile. Our company is a PVP company and we have regular pvp events, which involves gold donation and gifting. So i think as a governer he is vulnerable to recent flooded duped items/coins. We have to guess recieving dupe coins/items may be the reason he got banned. If in this case, the ban is unfair and should be reversed.

Thanks for listening to our voice. Hope he will get a fair treatment.


ive played with him for 90% of the game time, i truely belive that he didnt cheat in the game and never use any bug. We need him as one of the best player in this server and a great company governer. I hope amazon take this seriously and give us a real feedback.

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I understand you would like to help your friend with this, but I have to point out that bans are only handled via web ticket and we can’t disclose any information about penalties through chats or the forums, especially if the person posting or otherwise contacting support is not the owner of the account that was banned.

Since your friend submitted a ticket, the appeals team will review the information on the appeal and let them know what the decision is via e-mail.

Please do not use the forums to appeal a ban; the appeals team will not see the post or be able to use the information in it to reach a decision.

Thanks for your understanding regarding this.