Family Share blocked, ok.but I can't trade and chat

Rules are rules, sorry nothing wrong with the intended implementation. Are you a gold seller and mad bruh?

They don’t need to do anything as you never paid them a cent for anything until right now when your game account time started. Again, you played for free off of someone else’s purchase and you are complaining because you want additional benefits from doing that? I am honestly surprised that they allowed people to carry over progress from family share to the new account, I think this was pretty lenient.


I purchased with Argentina account because it is a lot cheaper. Then I played with my main account with family sharing to played with my friends. Today they disable it. But I am not mad, I purchased with my main account. The character progress is there as that must.

I think you can’t read. Please read until you understand or don’t post

Don’t worry they are already fixing this issues. Stop making like family sharing expert or something. It is on know issue list.

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A few things to note before you jump back in.

  1. When you first launch New World after this downtime, you may see a Global Chat Restriction. Please relog and that message should disappear.

posted by Luxendra here: [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.5 - #2 by Luxendra

I re-wrote
I think you can’t read… Please read and understand or don’t post…

wdym? They also said that “They will re-enable for valid family sharing user like us” .

U guys think that family sharing is bad or something?

Good for you kiddo, you did something, great here is your participation reward. I want to place emphasis on your “please fix this” what makes you think they are not already doing so? Newsflash I’ll post what I want don’t like it, hit the ignore button. Self-entitled punk.

If u said that new purchased new licensed. WHY our character progress are there? Should they delete it? you said that???

Sir. u read carefully what i mean.

I read it, I don’t have to agree with it, that is what forums are designed for. Not everybody is going to like what you say. So when you post something on the forum don’t be surprised if you get pushback.

Who said I am the expert I sure didn’t. I literally said rules are rules. Anybody can go read what has developed today. Also, the first place anybody should check is patch notes and bug reports instead of posting random crap without researching it first.

I mean, from the viewpoint of the game, it’s a new CD key - therefore his 200 hours would have no effect. I imagine they’re looking a CD key age, not actual logged-in account age, as if they only looked at ingame time the bots would then just be able to continue leveling up their family share accounts and immediately be back to spamming.

Understand the frustration, but an unfortunate side effect to an otherwise positive decision by devs IMO

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Yeah, anything that has to do with a bug (or perceived bug) automagically makes every user within the proximity GUILTY OF MURDER!

Where they said that?

well, I have the same issue, I have two steam accounts, I bought New world on the 2nd account and never play on that 2nd account. I played on my main with the family share cause on my main have another game I also love to play at the moment. I don’t wanna relogging in between 2 steam accounts when wanna play another game because I’m lazy. I played on my main with 240 hours and just reach level 60 yesterday. I’m so hype to try the new end game activities today (Outpost rush, war…) then they just blocked family share without telling anything. So disappointed. I don’t wanna rebuy the game cause that is nonsense, why I have to buy the game twice, when the game I purchased for myself? and It cost my twice. And now all of my process gone with 240hours? btw, I can’t even reply to this post with my main account cause they turned off the family share so whenever I want to reply the post it said they “purchase the game” LOL. I have to relink my 2nd steam account to this ID to reply this post. If the dev can check my 2nd steam account I have zero play time. What a joke for the morning!. Disappointed

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Literally makes no sense. If you have two accounts, this means you intentionally purchased the game on the one account you did not plan to use and choose to play someone else’s purchased copy? Why even buy the game?

both of that accounts that you mentioned " someone else’s purchased copy" are my own accounts. Not someone else’s account