Family Share Disabled and character losing?

i just contact with the amazon customer service they said they will work on it to fix the issue but they said they cant move the character from a account to another account and now i dont know what to do

i have 136 hours on the game and i dont have access to it and if someone says go buy another one it dont make a sense cause its was part of game and llegal they should do something about it

edit: they said they’re working on it


If it was a family member , why just not login into the account of your Borther/Sister instead of trying to connect a family shared account which got disabled due the cheater.

Playing for free ? Well just login into the orginal Account.

did you just think i got the game from the street ? ofc i have it on orginal account

and its llegal so stop it
you cant blame people for what is llegal and have nothing wrong with it

You have it on a Family Share account, why not bought it for the main account where you play the Game without using family share ? Jesus facepalm :smiley:

why should i pay again for it ? when it was llegal to family share at first

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Same problem, I only purchase the game again when I have money tree in the house. There is no reason to rebuy the game while you already own one copy by yourself. I find out that some people already purchased the game again because they cant wait, then they can’t even chat or trade due to 72 hours restriction.

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It hasn’t even been a day. What did you contact customer support for, the post already said that they will assist people. Once they are able to they will update that post with instructions what to do.

i have over 300 hours played not in the main acount, te main acount has like 50 hours. so would have to buy another copy to keep mi progress

i just ask them

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