Family Share disabled

Why can’t your partner just purchase another license?


if my brother is going to purchase but what about the progress and stuff ? will he get his character back if he purchase it?


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This is something you may want to open a ticket for. I honestly have no experience with Family Share but based on what you have said the fact it was all already through his own Steam Account makes me believe he should just need a copy of the game now and all character data is linked to his account already.

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Maybe put in a support ticket to see what they can do to help.

Hey all! We definitely hear you on this and as I mentioned in the notice, this was a difficult decision for the team to make. We are working on getting some instructions up for players who were using family sharing for valid reasons so you can continue playing :slight_smile:

Once I know what that is, I’ll post a comment on the notice. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!


Yes he will have his character and everything

ok where do i start…? or i have to purchase another one? its so expensive

I’m willing to bet 1 in 10 people using family share were doing it for legitimate purposes.

AGS said in their post if you are using it legitimately they will work with you to find a solution, please do not roll back this change!


dam this is a buy to play game you suppose to purchase…


I bet it was waaaaay less than 1 in 10 using it legit, not counting people that had multiple extra accounts using it. Also no mmo has done that before so I’m not sure why people expected it was anything but an oversight to begin with.


While I think it is great AGS is willing to work with the legitimate people, I think it is quite insane for people to expect MMO’s to be family shared. The only reason why this is even doable is because they don’t have their own login, which they need to. Especially with no sub fee, not putting $40 into the game and playing for free is kinda crazy.


I have just followed your instructions (inform character name and level) and the support team seemed to have no idea of what i was talking about, couldn’t do anything about it.

Same problem here.I purchased the game with a different account because that account had some money in it.Then i shared it with the steam account that i normally use.I hope i dont have to buy the game again because it is 109 Turkish liras which is not cheap.

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my case is similar. I’ve always played using the secondary account (my character is lvl 60) and at the current juncture, I can’t play until something is decided about it. Very complicated and unfair to legitimate players like me.

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Please wait on that. They’re still working on instructions (notice was updated).


You won’t lose your character if you buy your own license…
It’s still the same steam account.

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and now i’m out too… i have a main account where i buy games for all my family members and family share with my sub account where i play and have steam friends (same with the rest of the family that share the main account)
i think the main account never open the game, or maybe the first time for error, but no char on the main account only 1 on my sub)

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Mean world where not everybody gets what he wants :confused:

please say that some form of whitelisting is coming.