Family Share disabled

… They have game licence KEY … What the reason to disable family access , any idea ? When you can “punish” directly LICENCE KEY…


Now for your question on why i believe this will make gold sellers even worse, is the simple fact that gold selling is their work, their bread on the table.
Now i am not defending them, but i do say that i understand why they do it, because this is all they can do to make money to bring food on the table.
Now therefore i think they will find new ways, creative ways to still be a problem for money people. So when that happens, what is gonna happen next? How will the community pay for that?
I believe there are much better ways to deal with the gold sellers, and those ways should be thought about and sought after.
Also with the money they make from gold selling, they can easily buy new accounts, so it doesnt prevent them from doing their job anyways, it just brings them a small hurdle that will only make them work harder and get more creative…
Right now, it is easy to spot them and report them. When u make them go creative, that will become a lot harder and harder till there is no point of return…
And in the mean time, while amazon just forced them to get more creative, it is hurting those players that used it for valid reasons like i did.
So its not hurting the gold sellers at all, its hurting the player base.

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I also appreciate the banter, It can be hard to come by on forums.

While I agree that they will definitely get creative as it is their business essentially, I believe at the very least it will take them time to find new methods and the family share was a very easy one for them.

It also falls just as much on the players that buy from them. If nobody bought from them in New World they would give up and move to another game. So there is equal blame to go around.

People are going to do what they want at the end of the day and cudos to Amazon for combating them instead of letting them run rampid, I just hate the constant spam in the chat more than anything.

Maybe they will find a better solution and are able to re enable family share, only time will tell now.

It’s just bull shit to see someone on forum defending the gold sellers.
AGS, it should also has report and ban system on this forum, please!

At least, the time they find how to properly fix all things,
Steam Family Sharing had to be disabled, and that since day one.

Understandable your issue if real, though the need of a better economy in game is understandable too.

There’s maybe 1 on 100 account’s playing for legit with Family Sharing.

For those who weren’t using this as an exploit, there is some helpful information in a couple of other posts, listed above.

Why have you played on your seccindary account? I can only think of buying on another country cheaper, like argentina to play on Europe or USA.

For clarifications is 2 characters in by region,
So 2 in EU, 2 in US, 2 in SA and 2 in AP.
The downside is a bigger ping.

A bit upper in the 2 characters selections, you can click the tab and select others region there.

Same issue here. I buy the games on my main, but i play some of them using my secondary account to have different steam friends for privacy reasons. Now i lost all my progress…

This isn’t how family share works though, when another account used a game from the main account no other games are playable by the main account. If the main account starts a game it kicks the family accounts out of their game.

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Hello, i used to share my copy with my brother (Steam Community :: GIUDA CAGNACCIOMERDA , BiKappa709) , he had over 200 hours of playtime and was level 60, even higher than mine (44), and i think that it is pretty clear that his account is not in any way related to botting and/or exploiting the game. We can’t afford another copy of the game and the family sharing seemed a good reason to buy it in the first place.

Thanks for all the answers, and Luxendra for replying. Guess it’s a waiting game now, though it’s good to know something is in the works for those of us in this situation.

To the rest of you trolls, if you could just leave my topic and go bother someone else, that’d be great. Neither I, nor the others in the same boat, need to explain our financial situation or our reasons for not being able to have two copies of the game to you.


They should have a plan before acting this way. I understand why, but a company with people working on a project like that should have done the work right.
Disable bot accounts etc. and same time enable a way for other people to play normally.
Changes and fixing bugs is good but acting before thinking how it will work is just :poop:

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Solution is simple, if account A bought the game, then shared it to account B C and D which are breaking game rules not just the account B C or D which were cheating should get ban, but also the one who have the game and shared it.

I spent money to buy the game and real money in the NW shop. When will I be able to reuse my characters? Can’t you move characters from one account to another so you don’t have to use Family Share?


Hopefully it’s sorted soon. As someone who has two steam accounts due to working in a different country I purchased my copy of New World whilst away working. My steam accounts are linked due to games being cheaper whilst I’m away but majority of my steam games I purchased are on my original half-life steam account. So naturally I use that and add my other account via family share. After family share was disabled I logged in with the new world account to see if the character was on there that I created with family share but obviously wasn’t. As it stands I’m not going to create another character and start again I’d rather lick a tramp.

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Your character is gone, after a family share got disabled???
That is a really disgusting move from amazon…that is so not cool.
For many people that is hours and hours of hard work down the drain…wtf

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Man hat halt einfach keinen Zugriff mehr auf seinem Char weil man das Spiel jetzt nicht mehr besitzt bei Steam. Man müsste jetzt erneut 40€ bezahlen um weitermachen zu können.

Now you know how those Who trusted when they said there would be cross reguon transfers on 2 weeks feel…

Can you explain your valid reason that you used family sharing?

Confirm a few things for me please.

  1. Are you in the same house hold as the main account?

  2. Are you both playing at the same time or is the family share design working properly and kicking the sharer’s off when the owner wants to play?

  3. Did you buy it on a “blank” account that no one plays on to Family Share? (You own both but you are choosing to family share it instead of play on the one you purchased, but noone else is)