Family share Disabled#

hello noticed today family share has been disabled im okay with it but what can i do for my charracter can i transfer my charracter to my main account (the one i purchased the game)

what should i do ?

sorry for my bad english im not english native

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Nothing official yet, but they will update that notice when they have more info.

soo then they say they turned on the family share for us or just sync it hmm lets see whats they doing

Yea I can’t say what they intend to do, but you definitely aren’t alone. There are a few people that were affected by this aside from the gold bots.


yeah thats good point and i hope i dont see gold bots anymore because its soo anonying they just ruin the chat

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Just login into the Account where Family Share is activated :smiley:
Game is not supposed to be free.

And if it is really a Family Member, there is no issue just to login into the Account, due the Active Game of the Family Member the other hand person cant play the Game anyway. Since its used.

So just login into the org. Account, done problem solved.

no shit sherlock i just want my play time like 136 back i dont want to waste another 136 hours and why y’all so aggresive with it ? like i see in any forum

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