Family Share Gone?

Hello, ive been using family share with my brother on the same pc for almost 2 months. We have noticed today it is not working any more? Has family share been disabled? What can we do we dont have alot of money so information would help alot…


oh thank you this is crazy what am i supposed to do i dont have $40!!!

Me too man, we just have to wait…unfortunately

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Most online games never let you family share like that lol


Please don’t start this again, they sold the game this way, please, stop it.


well i only family share this game beat saber and phasmophobia so that is cool. I just think its unfair since my brother bought it and i played for 80 hours and they had it enabled when they released the game and now im not allowed to play. They should of done this from the start?


When you’re playing on the same PC anyway, let your brother play on your account. Why using Familyshare in the first place anyway?

Because i like to have my own progression and stuff? I dont want to share a account because then one day someone will lose all progression…


They don’t care, they’ll always believe u’re botting or something…

If $40 is tight and you manage to put 80 hours in I’d say you could have made at least triple that by spending 40 at a job to solve the problem.


You can create 2 characters, so you won’t lose your progression and stuff. Just you and your brother aren’t able to play on the same Worldset. But since you share your PC with him, that shouldn’t be such a huge problem, shouldn’t it?

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im 14 bro whats ur problem?


You do know your not suppose to be able to play the game at the same time via family share. This was a oversight and breaks steams terms and conditions with family share. Only one person can play the same library of games.

So if the original owner share the library and they try play any other steam game or new world it will kick you off. This was not for some odd reason applied to New World (not steams fault). It was always going to have to be disabled.

Even if they re enabled family share you will only be able to play it when the other person is not playing and thats how it should have been from the start. They didnt do this which enabled 10 pcs from one account to all be played at the same time with no restrictions. No other game ever has allowed this to happen never mind a MMO.


You’ll just have to wait until they update that thread for instructions for people who were legitimately using it as it was intended. But unfortunately it was being abused by cheaters/bots/etc so they had to disable it. Maybe in the meantime you can write them a ticket to see if they can help sooner than they update that thread?


what does that have to do with playing a game?? If own a game you cant play it because you dont have money?? What kind of dumb logic is that


another thread intoxicated by toxic people…


People making fun of people with less money is very unfortune. We bought the game once and did not play at the same time. We have separate accounts to save progression. I don’t understand any of your logic. They released it with family share and to take it away just ruins it for people. You’re entitled to your own selfish opinion tho :slight_smile:


You said you were playing on your brothers family share account. He paid $40 for the game. You’re not entitled to play the game for free because of your age. Welcome to the world.


If they offer family share then i am no?