Family Share Gone?

What we gonna do now ?

I’m not about to get into an argument with imbeciles about politics on a game forum.

Isn’t there a trash Reddit thread somewhere you can whine about this?

The problem is. It’s something Amazon should never have promised to start with; it’s pretty weird in the gaming world, so people are not used to it.
That said. The feature has been exploited hugely and exploiters do more effort in getting their thing done, than some guy trying his brother to get playing the game again.
It’s very likely you have been let down by Amazon, but it’s also very likely an exploiter would use a sappy story themselves.
You have to take this as it is, because people have exploited a feature, which normally doesn’t exist, and there’s far more exploiters than fair users.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the situation, I don’t necessarily want things to go back as they were but I deserve, as and end user who paid the game a way to regain access to my in-game account without paying more money, whatever that is


Is it possible to get back access to the secondary family share account in a way so that the 1000’s exploiters can’t abuse it again?

Maybe if they offered to move the account to your primary account, so at least your brother can continue playing for the moment. It only sounds like a lot of other things to possibly go wrong.

In the same boat, bought the game on one account and played it on another for all of my gametime after the first 1-2 days during queue lock-out. Noticed they disabled family shared accounts yesterday.

I contacted a Customer Service rep last night and asked if it would be possible to move my character from the secondary steam account to the primary account where my NW license is. They directed me to the dev post about it and weren’t sure when more info would be provided.

I’m writing here because I got a piece of information that may be helpful or a big RIP to others in this situation…

I asked if I should play on my main steam account in the interim, or if playing that account will hinder my ability to reconcile the two accounts when they figure out a solution. The rep told me that playing on the main steam account WOULD hinder the reconciliation. So, I decided to keep the main account at the state it has been in since launch day to avoid any problems with reconciliation. Anyone in the same boat might want to do the same…

Same situation here.
Amazon support asked me to contact directly steam and that steam support should be able to solve the issue (move the game from the library of my old account, not used anymore, to the my new account).
I am currently looking forward to the steam support answer but I am nearly 100% sure that they will ask me to contact Amazon support for this issue… But maybe I am wrong.

Oh interesting. Can you reply back here once you hear back from Steam? I will have to take the same route if that works for you. Thanks man!

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Sure, I will let everyone knows about Steam support answer.


What IS your brothers forum account?

save money and buy the game, like everyone.

Legit use means using a Game bought while your family relative isnt playing . but You are supposed to actívate steam family sharing at the “one Who bought games” computer, and then you can play on your oen computer. Not to give him your username and password so he can access your library.


OP, assuming you had not been using family share as a ban avoidance tool I’m sorry you can’t play any longer without buying it.

But; if I had to choose between AGS disabling something that probably shouldn’t have been enabled in the first place and which has been allowing every single person who’s been banned - botters, gold sellers, & cheaters - to just magically ignore the ban and keep right on sending new characters into the game or having a much smaller group of people shut out of the game until they buy it I know what choice I would make.

I would make exactly the same decision AGS did. Yes, I would not have had it enabled to begin with - but we are where we are.

omg typical 14yo vocal kid who probably got banned and now whining on forums :smiley:

Isn’t game PEGI16? You shouldn’t be here kid.

Crazy how people can defend the removal of features. Most gold sellers use stolen credit cards, so this just hurts legit players.

100% agreed - trolling at its finest

No, this just hurts people who don’t want to pay for the game they want to play. And botters. And cheaters/dupers. And gold spammers.

All in all, I’m good with the decision to drop something that in all likelihood never should have been implemented in the first place.


My 2 cents is that I’m honestly surprised a MMORPG was allowed under family share. Feel it’s more unfair for the company that sells single license use to be able to share that license without being paid :man_shrugging:



some people need to understand that for some people it’s not about “not buying the game” but rather about playing the game on a different account by library sharing it. I have 0 hours on the account which owns the game and for the sake of simplicity I shared it to the account I have the most friends in my list, most of my other games etc. Never knew that your character isn’t even linked, but that mistake is on my part. However I agree that family sharing and the problems it caused had to be solved and disabling it was the best solution. Just hoping that I don’t have to wait for weeks.