Family Share Gone?

A small handfull of people have a situation like yours, but a large amount of cheaters and bots use it also. Majority of player dont use it.
They already said they are working on a way to bring it back.

Devs already responded about it so your only option is wait or buy another copy. Deal with it.


I’m honestly surprised Amazon allowed family sharing to begin with. There’s a reason most games like this don’t allow it on Steam. Obviously with Family Sharing enabled it’s a field day for bots and gold sellers. When it comes to cheaters/exploiters this is a problem as well, unless of course all the accounts used in family sharing are banned as well.

In many cases Joe Bob and his 10 “family members” Joe Bobby, Joe B, Joe Bobbi, Joey B, Jo Jo B, Bobby Joe, Bobby Joe Joe, Joe Joe Bob, JB and Aunt Bobby J are just alt accounts. In New World you can’t have more than 1 character on the same server or in the same world set. Obviously with family sharing that’s easily broken to where Joe Bob ends up having 10 alts on the same server.

I hope they don’t reenable it.


Are you saying there is no way for you to actually earn some money on your own?

I am taking your word that you are actually 14.

Where there is a will there is a way. How did you play other games?

This guy trying to be hatter. So whatever you think. I don’t care and I have no time to response to your comment, cause seem like you are not here to understand and helpful. Edited 4-5 times for each comment you posted seem like you are writing and essay. So we are done here. Goodbye hater.

All funneling gold and mats to the main while everyone else plays one account or pays for extra accounts.

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When someone with broken English is trying to defend a system that empowers botters to have 10x clients and ban immunity. Smh.

Botters have no shame when their bottom line is affected.


It would seem that Amazon made the proper choice…

There is no shame when people are trying to learn new languages, I dare you can speak other languages with fluency. Hater

Maybe here’s a work around :).
You’re given 2 character slots, so you can create a character each except they’d be on separate servers.
Anyway, I hope it works out for you. Cheers!


Did anyone notice how the bots kinda disappeared in game? And how we have legit players with broken english that want the family share back?

I am actually used with games and especially MMOs to not really care about bots ( WoW plus bladeNsoul especially ) but now i am impressed with the actions taken and i am starting to respect a lot more the AGS team.


at 14 i was out washing cars, and peoples windows to earn myself money, did jobs around the family farm , i suggest you go do the same, and earn some cash to buy the game, then you can play and enjoy your self . earning money is easy if you just get off you`re butt and go earn it


Everyone who hasn’t experienced this before should understand that the botters always flood the forums and create an avalanche of posts when their money train comes to a screeching halt.

Put yourself in their shoes. They have 10x accounts (at least) which can’t get online anymore. What would you do with them? You’d come here and post lies with all of them, misrepresenting how many innocents are actually affected.

I’m not joking when I claim for every one innocent, there are ten botters each with ten clients. This is a classic botter move, just like sending random people coins before the reckoning.

I honestly don’t think AGS did any research from other MMOs that came before it. This lesson should have already been learned. They seemed totally unprepared for the botters and dupers who have been doing this to every MMO for 20 years.


Maybe save your moronic nonsense for your conservative echo chamber threads instead of harassing a child on a game forum.

Dude, seriously, you have no idea what their lives are like so don’t just assume they are entitled and lazy. Not everyone had a solid childhood where they could just manage to go out and make money, especially in the current social/economic environment.

If you want to offer them a job and give them the $40 - then go ahead.

I played many games in that way and have no problem. You moron.

To everyone saying amazon didn’t intend for it is just stupid and wrong. They literally made a post saying they are working to get people who legit use it back on… go white knight somewhere else.

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Unfortunately, my situation is the same as yours. What should I do?

Either that’s a thing like where they disabled trading and outpost rush so it doesn’t get out of control until they figured out what to do with it and fix it since we have seen by now that’s what they keep doing or it’s gone forever. Only thing you can really do is wait it out or pay the ticket if you still want it after having played it its probably worth it.

When I was 14 I had a job, a paper route. Crap I am old, that doesn’t really help does it. Just in case you are curious a paper route was when they paid kids to ride their bike around the neighborhood and deliver newspapers. Newspapers? Um, they were like if someone printed out yesterday’s internet on a portable version that didn’t require a screen.

Anyway, good luck!

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Username checks out!

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