Family Share Gone?

My 2 cents is that I’m honestly surprised a MMORPG was allowed under family share. Feel it’s more unfair for the company that sells single license use to be able to share that license without being paid :man_shrugging:



some people need to understand that for some people it’s not about “not buying the game” but rather about playing the game on a different account by library sharing it. I have 0 hours on the account which owns the game and for the sake of simplicity I shared it to the account I have the most friends in my list, most of my other games etc. Never knew that your character isn’t even linked, but that mistake is on my part. However I agree that family sharing and the problems it caused had to be solved and disabling it was the best solution. Just hoping that I don’t have to wait for weeks.

Thank god it’s gone. Too bad it hit you and your brother, I almost feel sorry. If anything be grateful to all those cheaters/exploiters and bots

No they can’t, account sharing is forbidden in WoW so you’d get banned.

*a lot
Yes it’s gone and good riddance.

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Yea, you dont own the game if you never bought the game. Your brother bought the game. And thats like saying MMORPGs like WoW or FFXIV makes no sense to you… You cant play if you dont pay monthly subs… Soooo? Just like if you don’t pay your electric bill you dont get electricity. You don’t just go to a restaurant and eat food then not pay do you?


U got 80 hours for free… so unfair.

There is always that guy who has to bring politics into everything, no one likes that guy.

Don’t be that guy.


Is amazon going to offer a way for us to transfer our game to another steam? I’m locked out of my high-level character. My son and I share a computer and played via family share. I’m not buying the game again.

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I don’t imagine they will - but if it’s not worth $40 ea for you and your son to play then I guess that’s that.

Doubt it.

At this point I’m just waiting for their final response to act accordingly, please don’t let us hang on


Great solution. Another idea that goes great with that is, instead of playing for hundreds of hours to make 10k gold, you could’ve worked at McDonald’s for those hundreds of hours and just buy the gold. Bro you’re a geeeeeenius

Very true. If you cannot afford a house in real life. You should not buy a house. Give the 300k upright or stay with your parents.

If you live with your parents. You are not entitled to live with them for free, regardless of age. Is you put it in the same context. You sound dumb.

People were bypassing the bans with family share accounts, please tell me you understand their thought process on shutting that down. TBH I can’t remember many games that even allow FS anymore… are there any?

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Terribly dumb logic. Axes are used by botters an exploiters. Instead of banning them let’s just take away axes entirely. Gold farmers are using the auction house and trades for their own benefit. Let’s keep auction house and trading disabled indefinitely. Botters mine all my orichalum. Let’s just make it so you have to do a complex captcha before mining anything in the game. Botters use global chat too much to link their websites. Let’s just disable global chat to begin with. Let’s just make the game a hardcore Ironman type style of gameplay instead.

As you can see, this affects normal players aswell. Just because it benefits you doesn’t mean it benefits the player base. The game is dying, and this causes more dying players.

Although I’m one of those family sharing victims, Amazon Games should keep the family sharing disabled for a month to see how it affects the market and the player base and see how many concurrent players are affected. At the moment it’s 144k. I guarantee it will be under 75k if left off for a month. Just to further my point.

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I’m going to assume you are a bot user from Amazon to push people to dish out more money.
If the bartender takes your cocktail away and demands you pay double, I guarantee you’d leave the establishment and demand a refund. Such linear thinking.

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Ooof picking on little kids. I love it. I’m a grown adult who has the a similar problem to him and I bought it. Same as you. What now? Work harder for another copy? I guarantee I’ve spent more time shoveling dirt, gravel, and rocks than you’ve stepped on in your lifetime.

You should be great full you live in the house you live in for free. You didn’t buy it outright, it doesn’t belong to you. The bank owns it. You should be great full to live in it no matter how much the housing taxes go up. You should be great full paying more taxes because you do not own The country you live in.

But mostly you should be great full go your parents for letting you live for 18 years in their home for free. You are not entitled to anything in their will. Tell your parents that. You tell 14 year old kids that online, you should live up to it in person.