Family share possible solution!

Good evening.
Like you, I am also a victim of the sharing block.
With this post I would like to propose a “solution” to amazon games.
Since you have disabled everything without giving any notice and leaving the players in total nothing, why don’t you re-enable the function until you find a definitive solution to share with all of us? I don’t think it’s so nice to turn everything off and leave us in the dark after spending some money on your company.


The solution already exists. Buy a copy of the game.


Just do 3 hours at McDonalds and buy the game dude ez fix


Where is the possible solution? Is it delay? That’s the possible solution you are suggesting?

A possible solution for you too: buy the game or, wait for further notices from them. They said they would revisit the issue.

Surely you are ok with waiting , it was your solution as well

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Question, with family share you cant play at the same time as the person that owns the account. So why not just make a character on another sever than the owner of the account?

Because i was lvl 60. I can’t play 24h.

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New World didnt have the family share rules applied to it as per the steam tos. So they where breaking steam tos anyway so it had to be disabled at some point. Go have a read at it Steam Support :: Family Library Sharing

Steam specifically states only one instance of the game can be played at any given time, with the original owner taking control once they select any game including the one shared kicking that other person off. The problem is that restriction didnt apply to New World.

Unfortunately this rule didnt apply to New World and you could have upto 10 different stream accounts all share the same game and all play at the same time. This is what the gold farmers where doing botting new accounts and deleting characters, all from one single purchase of the game.


Oh wow I had no idea. Thanks for the run down.

For all we know you got your main account banned and were still playing with family share, like so many others bragged about. If you didnt make your account 25 minutes ago we would have something to go off of. There is no solution that involves keeping it open how it was. You arent a victim, every legit player is a victim if they keep it enabled.


I guess you cant comprehend what i wrote? I said for all we know. I didnt say you were banned.

No don’t reenable it. Keep the cancer away.

That is exactly what was happening. I was working as intended. I don’t get your point. Anyways, the disabling is not definitive, but temporary with new instruction for real players soon. Take a look:

[Notice] Family Sharing Update - Official News / Official News - New World Forums

I am confused… if you are playing the game via family share (someone else’s purchase of the game), you have not spent one cent on this game while taking up space in queues, contributing to lag in game, and quite a few of you are exploiting and/or circumventing bans using family share accounts.

I do not see where anything is ‘owed’ (think it was lenient they are transferring character progress) and I certainly do not understand the victim role stating you are left in the dark after spending money on the game? Those that spent money on the purchase of the game are not impacted by the discontinuation of family share, only those leeching off the account of those actually paying.


That is not true, only one stance of the game runs at the same time with Family Share, one can only “borrow” the copy if the main account “buyer” is not using it. So there is not duplication of users.


I mean not everyone using family share are leeching.I bought the game on my secondary account to use the leftover money there then shared it with my main acc.Now i cant play :frowning:


Those that purchased the game are not prevented from playing the game. You are referring to someone ‘borrowing’ from the buyer. The ‘buyer’ is the one that paid the money, not the borrower.

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That is not how it worked with New World. You could have multiple people sharing the game at the same time without it kicking anyone off. This was against steams TOS read the reply at the top.

I have two accounts, steam. On one I buy games and on the other I play in family share mode, because I do not want my friends from this account to see what and when I play.
I have never been banned, never cheated, never used exploits. I also never launched New World on the account it was purchased on.

Why can’t I transfer my progress from the account I was playing on to the account where the game was purchased.
Now what? I have to pay twice for the same game to get all my progress back?

If the family share had been blocked from the beginning, I would have played on the account where the game was purchased, but now you have left us in the lurch by extorting more money for the same title.


Why did you not just purchase the game on the other account. That logic doesnt make any sense.

No, just play on the account that you PURCHASED the game on. lol

If your odd excuse is that you do not want your friends to see what you are playing, simply change your settings so they cannot see this or delete your ‘friends’. lol

I do admit, you take the reward for why you are playing on a family share…