Family share possible solution!

I have been using it. If I am in the main Steam account playing nobody can borrow.

As a user of the system in many games and even NW I can assure you with 100% if the main account on the household is being used no other Steam account can borrow the game. Steam only allows 1 session at the time.

You have been desinformed. Please go to the Steam website and verify.

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Not to sound completely heartless - but dang, spend the $40.

Yes but someone posted that if you launch the game and kill steam through task manager, the game keeps running and you can launch steam with another user and run a second instance. I tested the first part and it’s true. I didn’t go as far as testing the second part for obvious reasons

i do the same, 1 account buy games and i play with another account, my brother with another, my dad with another…
for ex i was playing new world, my brother was on raft and my dad on age of empires…
i could have bought nw on my account… but why i should do that?
i was playing raft 2 yrs ago (i’m the 1 who bought it) and now my brother is playing it, that is how is supposed to work the family share

if they allow to move the character on the other account (i will lose the steam friends), or the game to my account this will solve my problem… but i don’t think they will do that…


The character I played and spent a lot of time on was left on the steam account I played on, not the one I have the game.
If it was possible to transfer the character to the account where the game was purchased I would not see a problem with that. But when I log in directly to the account where the game is, my character is not there.

If that is true, you should only consider that a minority of exploiter were doing that. Not regular users that makes the majority, so the argument that they are increasing the queue is entirely not valid. This is probably what NW devs are looking into it before re-enabling it back again. Yes, they will re-enable it.

Alright folks. It’s solved, we just got confirmation. AGS will be bringing family share back! Solved. Close topic

I understand family share very clearly and I do not see the reason why you would need to be playing the same game on two characters at the same time.

If your complaint is that multiple people cannot play the account at the same time, this is the way it works in every game I have ever played with family share.

I personally think family share should be removed in ALL games as it only leads to cheating/exploiting/circumventing bans ect. All those leeching from the purchase of ONE game are liabilities, not assets as they do nothing but contribute to lag, longer queues and exploits while not contributing one cent toward future content.

Several games I play have gone the route of removing family sharing all together and I say, kudos to them!

if that was the problem i think they should have just patched it instead of disable and prevent people from join… right now a cheater who used the family share got the sub account banned but the main account without ban, since i think they know who bought the game they should ban the main account not the subs


Do I really need to tell you how many players are in my household or how many hours per day I play?

Sorry, you have to stop thinking that everybody is cheating. Family Share is a well designed tool for members of a household, we don’t need to buy 4-5 copies of the same game for every single player in the house.


The solution is buy the game. You’ve been playing for free so you don’t deserve anything.

You have the incorrect information. Again, both accounts are being banned, the borrowed and the main. Take a read:

It is not cheap, but I did, just to avoid aggravations, I had to pay for 3 copies for my family. But now I learned that AGS is going to reinstate the Family Share after safety measures are taken.

I strongly doubt it, they said they’ll provide instructions to players, if they were to re-enable, what instructions would they need to provide??

It’s dead, Jim

I do not care how many are in your household. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, everyone playing should purchase, period.

Now, if there was a valid way to specify a true family share where mom and dad buy it for 12 year old sammy and 10 year old sally and Steam can control this with a same household ip ect, I would not be as opposed. Well, as long as an entire ban goes into effect when/if one of the users is caught cheating.

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Can you link this confirmation please?


I bought the game and made it available to another account, I have my reasons why I do this.
I spent a lot of time on my character and now access to it has been blocked.
I now have to buy the game twice to regain access to my character, this is generally a money grab. Because there is no way to transfer the character you played on to an account that actually owns the game.

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I am sure you do

No you are dead wrong. How many people could play in my computer or using my log in credentials? As many as possible, as long as I am not playing. But that is how family share works, it only let one person to play on that game copy at given time, the only plus side is that it can be done in different computers and no login credentials are being shared.

Now, if you think you are smarter than Steam devs that sees profit on Family Share, you should be a rich successful person by now.


Of course he does. Guys, Family Share is kind of an old system. It was not invented by New World or Amazon, it works with many other games. Please try to understand the reality of things.