Family share possible solution!

For the ones who have two accounts and only play on one, isnt there a way to transfer the key to the other account?

@Clandestine Don’t judge people by looking at yourself, not everyone is a fraud.


Giving account access to your log in credentials is against the tos of many games. I have not checked NW, but you should probably do this if this is what you are doing, just to be safe.

I do not think Steam sees a lot of profit in family sharing.

There is not key transference, the other computer has to be in your network and the other steam account would have to request to “borrow” the game from you, which means that as long as he (owner) is not playing, you can play instead, but it will be another account running on the same license. But there is not way to have 2 account running at the same time on the same game license/copy.

Pretty easy to see from my stance I am quite the opposite.

My years of experience in gaming has shown a lot of problems with players cheating/exploiting/circumventing bans via family share to the point that some games have removed the feature all together.

Just buy a copy of the game for each account you want to play on, it is as simple as that.

No directly profit. When you compete against Epic Games Store, Microsoft, Gamersgate, Battlenet, Origin, offering a popular and convenient solution grants your store preference over the competitors, is just good business making indirect money.


What you have typed out is not a solution. It’s a plea.

I mean remove they key from one account and add it to the other.

I don’t think it can be done, as it will show as an invalid key.

But these are the benefits:

Steam Family Sharing (

@Clandestine I already bought the game and I don’t have a problem with them blocking family share, I have a problem with the fact that the characters were assigned to steam account and not amazon account.
So now when I log into my account where I have bought the game and paid for it with my hard earned money, I cannot access my character which I have spent a lot of time on.
I just want to be able to transfer my character from steam account on which I played to the account on which I have the game. Family sharing can still be blocked because only one person will be playing on the account at the same time. I only want to get back the time I put into my character.


The Community Mgr’s post on this stated that they would update the the family sharing post with instructions for assistance and perhaps transferring characters from a family share to the main (paid) account could be a part of this?

Keep in mind, you took advantage of a ‘Steam’ feature, not something within Amazon’s game.

You can try opening a ticket and suggesting that Family Share is an option per game and therefore Amazon Games is liable as they allowed family share via Steam and therefore should allow you to transfer the character to the paid account and see if that gets you anywhere.

I have no issue with Amazon Games allowing people to transfer characters to the main (paid) account but keep in mind, that would mean deleting whatever character is currently on that account for that server as you cannot have more than one character per server.

well, I have the same issue, I have two steam accounts, I bought New world on the 2nd account and never play on that 2nd account. I played on my main with the family share cause on my main have another game I also love to play at the moment. I don’t wanna relogging in between 2 steam accounts when wanna play another game because I’m lazy. I played on my main with 240 hours and just reach level 60 yesterday. I’m so hype to try the new end game activities today (Outpost rush, war…) then they just blocked family share without telling anything. So disappointed. I don’t wanna rebuy the game cause that is nonsense, why I have to buy the game twice, when the game I purchased for myself? and It cost my twice. And now all of my process gone with 240hours? btw, I can’t even reply to this post with my main account cause they turned off the family share so whenever I want to reply the post it said they “purchase the game” LOL. I have to relink my 2nd steam account to this ID to reply this post. If the dev can check my 2nd steam account that I purchased New world, I have zero play time on that. What a joke for the morning!. Disappointed


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