Family Sharing Announcement Solution: Question and Unresolved Issue


I had been legitimately using the Family Sharing feature on steam to play the game for over two weeks prior to the feature being disabled. Due to the lack of any further update on what kind of solution was being worked on, and wanting to be able to play with my friends again, I ended up buying the game for the second time yesterday.

I have really been wanting to gift the game to a few friends when I get the money, so I’m super frustrated that the day after I repurchased it, the post was finally updated with this solution (which actually seems very reasonable, aside from the entire weekend we were unable to play the game).

If I have been identified and included in the “list of players who used Family Sharing as intended”, is there a way I could get either a refund for my purchase yesterday, or a giftable copy that I could give to one of my friends?


I am still affected by the issue I reported in this post and would really like to know if I can expect any resolution in the near future:


I’d like to know what information is neccesary for the family sharing verification because both me and my gf have been locked out of our main accs because of the family share block.

Edit: Needless to say none of us have used the exploits or something that is considered bannable, we both played about 20-30h


Hi Apologies for the inconvenience of this situation, but for this specific issue you can check this thread:

And as is mentioned there we need to wait until Steam make some news related with that.

Again apologies for the situation.


Thanks for your reply,

I am aware of and referenced that tread in my initial post.
My concern is that the solution with Steam that is currently being implemented will not give me the game as giftable (as I mentioned I would have preferred to spend the money buying the game for a friend) because I have already purchased it a second time, and was wondering if that could somehow be done through Amazon.

But that second copy you purchased through Amazon or Steam?

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Through Steam. My understanding was that Valve wouldn’t be the ones granting game ownership. Steam would only be required to facilitate the necessary linking of the ownership, provided by AGS, to the Steam accounts that were identified to have been properly using Family Sharing. Is that not the case?

If the solution for this would be to submit a request through Steam, is there some way we can specify that we only want the refund if we were on the list and will be receiving game ownership?

I feel hesitant to attempt a refund (which I expect will just get an automated response as I already have far more than the 2 hour Steam Refund Policy limit in the game from playing with Family Share) and then find out that for some reason I didn’t qualify for the list. Especially if by refunding I would reset the counter for my 72 hours account restrictions that are still disrupting my gameplay now.

Here is the result of my previous attempt for a refund when I first discovered that Family Share was disabled:

Seriously! How many DAYS is this going to take? DAYS that YOU have PREVENTED US from PLAYING and enjoying the game that WE PURCHASED?

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Would like to know this also, i have the same problem, ive purchased it right after it got disabled, as no one stated that any free licenses will be given out right after the disable of family share.

I would have never bought the game a second time for our family shared account if i would knew this before.

Now everyone which did not purchase the game gets a free license and the ones that payed cash for playing it further get also an free license which is useless as we already paid for it - that kinda sucks… a refund for this would be fair enough so that everyone has the same gain of it.

Edit: From Customer Service in Chat i didnt get any help instead of telling me that digital products cant be refunded rofl, he didnt even knew about the post on forums.

@Zaphkiell @Luxendra


You lack patience bro, something basic with AMG.

just have the same problem a friend buy me the game today before saw that amazon will give the game for those image

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i actually don’t understand this.

So did people buy the game and have other accounts via the Family share feature ?
If so i thought you couldn’t play the game on the second account of the main account was being used.

If you bought the game on your main account how are you having issues? if you can’t play it on family share (because you don’t actually own a lisence) how is this an issue, could someone please explain this to me civily ?

Cause AGS just started to whitelist legit family sharing users.
But for now he already buy anothers copy and played more than 2 hours.

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no i get his issue, but i mean why is this all an issue in the first place.

Because by the sounds of it, people are getting upset because they bought 1 licence of the game, and now they’re getting mad because they’re not allowed to use a free licence.

I don’t mean to sound like a douche bag, but when you buy a game. you buy the licence to use it on THAT account. if you would like another account you would have to buy the game again (Purchase another license). This works with Many other applications like outlook.

So that’s what i mean by i’m not sure what the issue is. again not trying to be a douche but would just like to understand the issue people are having about family share.

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I encountered this same issue and I am beyond unhappy. There really should’ve been communication that something like this was in the works. I think all of us who rebought the game should get a refund and receive the same free copy everyone else got.


Having the same issue. I ended up buying the game again on the other account. Now they giving free copies away. Tried to reach AGS but the told me to refund the game first. Steam auto bot reply says i cant refund because i have 356 hours in the game. I played it for 1 hour after purchasing it.


I also encountered the same problem. After my boyfriend gave up the game, he shared it to my account to let me play, but after banning family sharing on November 4, I re-purchased it on my account. Hope to get a refund and solve the problem that I haven’t reached 72 hours till now.


Hi guys! I was sharing the Game with my sister through Family Sharing option, but it’s not available now :frowning: I’ve noticed that some of you received game as a recompensation, but she didn’t get any. Is there still a chance for her to get one ?

If this will help Her character nick was paperetta on mayda server


How do I create a ticket to get my family share account approved for a license?


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