Family Sharing issues

Hello, we just got back in town and were going to let our kids play our accounts via family sharing but no it is disabled? I reached out to support from the main site and they referred me to this post: [Notice] Family Sharing Update

They directed me to reply to it as both mine and my wifes account should have been on the “list” mentioned in the post but we haven’t gotten any updates or a solution.


At this moment the team is still working on fixing the issue so that the legit players can continue playing

Right not there is no time frame for this fix, but i would say to watch out for the incoming patch

Thank you for your patience

Is there a way to xfer ownership to our kids steam accounts? From what I have been reading on the forums and reddit today it seems like everyone that logged in prior to this issue received a secondary license.

Currently there is no official information about players receiving secondary licenses, the forum post you were referencing is the only source of official information about this issue

And Reddit is not an official source of information or updates, so all information gotten from there is subject to be taken with a grain of salt

Hope this helps :smiley:

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