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According to the notice and confirmation I’ve received from Luxendra - all Family Sharing NW licences have been already handed out.

Unfortunately neither my girlfriend ( Steam Community :: Karo ) nor my roommate ( Steam Community :: Baraneu ) didn’t receive emails with game copy. Is there a way to fix this? Each of us have played fair and square, following Family Sharing rules (we couldn’t play simultaneously).

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EDIT: My rommate Baraneu received his invitation 2 days ago. So only my girlfriend Karo is missing.

I have the same problem, but I was told by customer service to go buy the game a second time. I was asking for a refund of the game because i wanted to move it to my other steam account, but they told me no refund. So now when they are giving access to the legit family share accounts I wont be getting the free access due to them making me buy it again. I’m quite lost here over how they are resolving this problem and im wondering why I cant get one of the purchases refunded to me.

New World made an announcement regarding family sharing accounts here: [Notice] Family Sharing Update

TL;DR – it’s disabled

I know it’s made an announcement, it’s the first thing I mention in my post @Joon-Vi. Specifically due to that reason people who used Family Sharing were given keys to still be able to play the game.

I think I know why my girlfriend hasn’t received NW license - she didn’t have 2FA setup (Steam Guard) and she was new to Steam (New World has been her first game she started playing and she loved it), therefore her account was treated as a bot account (which obviously isn’t the case).

Is there any chance to get a Customer Service statement on this case (and ideally provide a key to Karo)? @WarriorCE

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