Family Sharing - ownership handouts - skipped players

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I’m writing this message hoping it will reach one of Community Managers.

Would there be a chance to get an official statement on players who have been using Family Sharing as intended but were skipped during game ownership handouts? Or, ideally, for that issue to be resolved?

It seems it’s kind of a difficult topic - in Game Support category, Customer Service tends to avoid Family Sharing related threads and answers regularly to all others. Even if they do, they just send a link to @Luxendra post [Notice] Family Sharing Update .

Disclaimer: I don’t blame them, perhaps there are some ongoing discussions how to handle players who have been assumed to be bots.

I’m fully aware that distincting between Family Sharing bots and non-bots might be a difficult task and it might result in some players being accounted as bots - this was the case of my girlfriend who has never played games before but she fell in love with New World. I suppose she was treated as bot because it was the only game on Steam she’s ever played.

It would be awesome if these new gamers starting their journey with virtual world would also be noticed and either informed about their Family Sharing status or taken care of :heart:

Keep up the great work AGS, even though there are bumps here and there I love how open you are about issues!

Wish you all the best!

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