Family Sharing through AGS

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We not give us the same integration into Steam, and Release a version on the AmazonGames app that would allow setting up controls hard linked to our main account for tracking etc… and make family access viable through there, and only as long as the main account with the license isn’t online.

Or, hear me out here, how about people pay for the game they’re playing?

Seriously, it’s an MMO - it’s not a non-networked multiplayer or co-op they bought for them and their family to play together on a console. Family sharing shouldn’t have been implemented to begin with…and its implementation might just have been an oversight if Steam defaults to it being on automatically.


Yeah I have kiddos, and I am not being each one a copy of New World.

Esp since their want to play varies from 1-2 times a week when they have nothing else todo and want to bump me off the pc.

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I would prefer they just turn it off permanently or give a secure means to use it.

I feel for everyone who had to account share as they couldnt afford to buy a copy of the game Honestly. But we need to also remmeber thats some people have paided to play. and we should get a cheat free environment.

If anyone is to blame here its the gold sellers and cheaters. not AGS

Given the rating and subject material of the game, and depending on the ages of your children, I’d say either they shouldn’t be playing or are old enough to buy it themselves.

Defend your PC, man! Seriously…

stand your ground

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Please focus AGS priority on all the major bugs/exploits/issues and leave the very destructive Steam Family Share feature permanently disabled.

Take a lesson from all the other games that had to eventually shut this ‘exploiter’s dream feature’ down, months and years after launch creating a huge angry mess of players that had invested thousands of hours into Family Share accounts that were left with nothing unless the game was purchased.

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