Fare Thee Well!

I’ve come to the conclusion that New World is not the game for me.

I don’t regret buying it. There are many things I like about the game. The combat is really fun, the crafting, although practically useless for all but the very end is also very good. The world is very nice, the graphics, the look, the feel, all very good.
My biggest praise goes to the sound design team, this is above and beyond, I’ve been playing with surround sound and I just love everything about it.

I also have faith that the developers will fix most of the issues that are hurting the game. For me the biggest problem was the grind. I just want run PVP battlegrounds or engage with open world PVP, but I can’t even get there. I give up, I’m level 48 on my main and I just can’t drag my way through the questing and grinding any longer.

I’m disappointed because this was sold to me as a PVP game, all your advertisement was really misleading. Other than being crushed by higher level players I have experienced exactly one PVP battle, which was fun until two level 60’s decided to just kill me and bring it to an end.

I know people don’t like leaving threads and I don’t blame them so I have tried to keep it positive, but what am I supposed to do now? Six weeks ago I didn’t even know that I needed an MMO in my life. You have created an appetite within me, but not provided me with a meal.

Anyway, I just wanted to say goodbye to all the people on this forum. I think I have spent as much time on here as I have in game. On face value it’s a very negative forum, there is much anger, but I actually think there is a good community here buried underneath it all. Stay safe, stay positive and maybe I will see you in another game.

Fare Thee Well!


If you would’ve spent the time on the forums, in-game, you would’ve been level 60.


Nah I wouldn’t, I’d have just quit earlier.


tldr - i didnt want to level to 60, got crushed by 60’s, game is dumb. k bye


You should consider pushing to 60 and then deciding. Outpost rush was a game changer for me. If not, good luck on your search for a new game. If you find a MMORPG with decent PvP and isn’t pay to win let me know, I am interested and as far as I can tell this is the closest we have.

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Sorry you didn’t enjoy the game. Honestly though the “I never hit endgame but here is my dissertation on why the game is bad” posts are getting really really old.

Everyones opinion is valid yadda yadda but good lord the amount of people who feel the need to share their half-experience is frustratingly annoying.


I just can’t, I don’t like questing at the best of times. I’m the person that went from 10-80 by just running battlegrounds with six characters in wow, I leveled both my characters in ESO in Cyrodiil only. I just think a good mmo should allow players to level up by doing the things they enjoy.


Then level up through PvP. Literally every part of this game gives experience. You can literally sit in town and market flip+craft your way to max level…

edit: name one activity in this game that DOESNT give xp. I personally cannot think of any.

You can, you choose not to. That’s your choice but other are right to dismiss the opinion of someone who only half-assed experienced the game.

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Thanks for getting salty and not absorbing anything I wrote. Really mature, level headed response. I can see why you quit if you can’t focus for longer than 10 seconds to read a forum reply.

Well yes of course, I mean I just can’t for the sake of my own well being. :rofl:

I don’t have hope of finding anything else, so I will go back to my guitar. If I was to play any game at the moment it would be New World.

:flight_departure: good luck

OK! How? Open world PVP is a total bust, I can’t find anyone except people that roll over me. So what are my options?

No it was not.
What is with the hoards of PvP players saying ‘this game was sold as PvP’ when no, it was not?

That does not scream ‘THIS IS MOSTLY PVP!’ to me.


Push with your faction for territory influence. Group up and “git gud”.

Level 40+ can outplay level 60s. I’ve seen it done, there are clips of it, and I’ve had my own ass handed to me by a skilled bow/spear user.

Are you in a company? Do you have friends to play with? The grind can seem a little intimidating on your own, but you are at lvl 48 already and I say put in a little elbow grease and get yourself the rest of those levels. Every single game i’ve ever played has the grind and i’m not saying it’s right, but i guess i’ve become accustomed to it by now.

It should be telling you that people are finding the game not worth getting to end game. The entire journey needs to be fun and engaging. Stop blaming the people who leave early and instead hope the devs fix it so they dont.

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So there is open world PvP but you don’t like it because you get rekt?

This is why there are so few open world PvP games that are successful, everyone thinks they are going to like it, but it is never the 1v1 test of skill they imagine. It is prone to griefers and gankers that don’t want a fair fight, they only want to go in when they know they will steamroll and then they can brag about their “skill” later.


Don’t need to announce your exit. See you next week.

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