Fare Thee Well!

Ah yes. Because the opinion of self-titled “never played an mmo before” guy who actively made the leveling experience worse for himself is valuable.

I’m all for sharing your experience. But we have seen this post 20 thousand times on this forum. It’s old, tired, uninformed, and generally not worth the space it takes up.

Don’t like it? Tough. Because my opinion has just as much weight as OP.


If you hate these posts so much stop reading them and then telling them they are wrong about how they feel.

Farewell! You’re leaving at the best part of the game. There is nothing at level 60 that improves the experience.

I apologise for calling you an idiot!

The thing is I see no place to develop my skill in PVP, I’ve tried and they roll over me. May be my server is bad for PVP but I see no direction to change that other than to blindly jump.

This is like the 3rd post about it tho.

Never said that but okay chief.

What have I done to make you think that? I’ve played WoW, ESO, Age of Wushu, Never Winter, FF11 and 14, and others I don’t recall the name of.

Not from me, I made one about be unable to get onto my server a while back.


Sorry I confused this:

Six weeks ago I didn’t even know that I needed an MMO in my life.

With another post about a player who reached level 45ish and quit the game. It was nearly beat for beat the same as your post. Because like I said earlier (and you admit to in your original post) this topic is posted over and over and over again.

Sure you do. Every time someone complains about the leveling or quests in this game you tell they are doing it wrong. Or did you forget how you kept insisting yesterday that I only did town board quests after telling you more than once you were wrong. If people are quitting mid game there is an issue. In this game the issue is the quests lack variety of things to do.

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Well probably because you were wrong. But harassing me about another thread inside of a different thread days later isn’t healthy. Have a nice life, not gonna engage with you anymore.

The “mostly pvp” claims tend to stem from early design concepts that would have had NW be a pvp-only game, but neglect an awareness that AGS announced a change from that design strategy about two years ago.

It also neglects the fact that pvp toxicity is what made AGS change their mind.

Like I said, you tell people how they should feel about quests and cant take an opinion that disagrees with you. Bringing up your posting history to show this is not harrassing you at all. It is showing you a pattern to how you post and what you say, over and over. It was less than 24 hours ago not days ago. I am sorry you get so confused as you defend this games lack of variety and pretend it actually has some. Feel free to ignore me and pretend you right.

You are so unable to be wrong that you think I am wrong describing my own game play. It is truly staggering that you think you somehow add anything to these forums with this.

It was sold to you as a PvP game at early Alpha. If you were paying attention you should have known better by the time it launched.

Your confused, I didn’t say it was a mostly PVP game, I said it was sold to me as a PVP game. As in, I looked at it, saw the combat system, saw the war system and thought, ooh! The PVP looks good in that MMO.

If Outpost rush is fun for you then you got pretty low standards buddy.


git gud

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I didn’t know anything about the game prior to three days before launch. I’m not say it’s a game that focuses mainly on PVP. I’m saying it was the PVP that interested me.