Farm 600GS Named Weapons

So this is going to happen…
I have a question, I’ve been farming Overseer Levy for the Legendary drop for his Overseer’s Regret musket FOR 8 DAYS… 8. Only got the drop 4 times (503-530GS).
So with this, whats the Expertise I need to have to farm(and be able to drop) the 600GS musket…

Im currently 590 Expertise on musket
31.6 Luck on Gear + 10 of the PVP

IIRC, since the mob is level 61, it will never drop a 600GS item. I think it’ll cap at 530 or 540.


If flagged it is 30% luck not 10

No buddy flagged is 10% luck and 30% gathering luck.

ahh yeah 30% gathering sorry forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true that Levy is a lvl 61 mob, but if I’m not mistaken once you raise your watermark/expertise to the max (currently 590) you are able to farm and get the legendary version (600GS) of an specific named weapon no matter the mob lvl (If the weapon have a legendary variant), for example Levy can drop the Overseer’s Regret and Noblewoman’s Ogre Hunter as specific legendary drops.
If this is not true then then the only way to get 600GS weapons is by crafting or Instances like Genesis or Lazarus and there’s no point of any weapon of having a third perk if you can not get it by farming a mob that has it in his loot pool

This was from the DEV Blog for the High Watermark System, which i assume is probably still true for the expertise one:

Not all enemies and containers (including Event Reward Containers from Outpost Rush, War, Invasions, etc.) are created equal in the case of the HWM system. While you always have a small chance to see a HWM increase when defeating a level 60+ creature or searching a container in a level 60+ landmark, each level beyond 60 has a soft upper limit on the likelihood of an HWM increase. Similarly, Event Reward Containers will respect your current HWM and also have a small chance of increasing it. What this means is that while you’ll reliably see HWM increases up to GS 530 when defeating Level 61 enemies, your chances of seeing something beyond GS 530 from a Level 61 enemy is significantly lower than it is from a Level 62 enemy. Level 64+ enemies are capable of reliably dropping gear up to GS 600.

So while it may in theory be possible for it to drop at 600 the odds are going to make it virtually impossible.

Yea, that is the only thing related (at some point) of what I’m trying to get.
And since no DEVs have said nothing explicitly for this, I’m gonna assume that a system for farming legendary named weapons of any lvl named mob doesn’t exist.
For example once you reach the max expertise for a slot, you have 1/10 chances of rolling the 600GS weapon (this chances don’t include the normal drop rate of the weapon) no matter the mob lvl. That way, at least in my opinion will encourage players to go out flagged and farm named bosses to get good gear not only by crafting or instances.
Because now I’m just gonna farm materials for crafting musket all day long until I roll a good one

This is something I want changed. If you max expertise these named weapons should gain an increased chance to drop the legendary version. The game has tons of cool named weapons and jewelry but they are unfortunately tied to mobs that are below level 64. What is the point of having these weapons in game when they are immediately outclassed by basic drops at higher expertise. Most of the time you don’t even get a bag from a boss kill even when killing solo. Also the number of named weapons in the database that have stat combos that are useless.


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