Farm Bots in Vega server

You have this metal "orich"and its rare and just a few places per world, easy to count the places on the fingers.

And what happend?

Ofcource so can the farmbots farm and get the prices up so ppl doesn`t care to try to farm because who can compet to a bot…or the all bunch of them.

I have 2k playtime, i have never complained about nothing with all that you guys screw up but this is so frustrating that me and all my friends who are hardcore gamers and we love NW thinking on quitting cause of all the farmbots just run around and farm 24/7

Surely noone gonna even read this topic from the devs and thats pretty sad…but i get the chance to puke a bit over all the farm bots in this game whos gonna ruin the game and they are succesfull cause many many players/friends has already quit.

MVH Björn Swe

Hi Pattski67, thanks for taking the time to post about your issue, I’ll go ahead and send a report with your post up to the dev team so they can have a look. Take care!


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