Farmer Set missing! Why am I naked?!

I have logged into the game today pos-patch and My character was naked and I am unable to find my main set of clothes which is the FARMER’S SET.

Somehow I cannot find any FARMER’S set part even from Auction House.

the other professions such as Skinner, Miner and Lumberjack are still there.

Please help me sort this out as now I find myself having to either change entirely my build or simply not play.

Althught for many this set is trash, but for me the set was hard for me to acquire and I love it for its Int stats and luck for harvesting and I put alot efforts to acquire it.

Thanks in Advance,

Heya, This is now a known issue they are investigating.

Harvester Set gone here. Was locked and I was wearing it when I logged out.

Nice blue set.

Are the luck bonuses the cause?


my set is also missing

I am also missing items from my storage shed that were for farming. Feedback submitted in game. Keep kicking ass guys! Love the game

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