Farming faction gear after the patch is WAY HARDER

As the post says - with the new introduced quests that are supposed to split zergs people that want to use the quest to farm faction gear have their tokens income reduced by 30% - when you pick up the quests they are in different areas and if you are in low populated server or your zone isn’t being conquested (Ebonscale owner here) - you can’t do the “kill” pvp quest… So basically we earn tokens 2-3 times slower than before the patch but the price of the items is the same… this, combined with quite high coin value of the faction gear makes farming it now pointless.

P.S. I am 60lvl and I did farm a lot of tokens to be prepared for the patch - doesn’t change my opinion that every new player is fucked up… and if I ever want to farm 50k tokens to be ready for the other new weapons that will eventually come - it would be quite harder for me as well.

P.P.S. In my opinion they either should increase the token reward of the quests(2-3 times), make it possible to pick 3 quests in the same zone, then change the zone on refresh… or reduce the price of faction gear(or at least remove the coin price).


This is quite annoying…I am working on swapping builds completely from heavy strength to intelligence light and this is gonna take me forever. Now instead of a quick 3 pvp missions they decided to throw in a kill 5 enemy faction members which it is hard enough finding people flagged. Such a dumb change if you ask me. So now our only option is to farm 2 pvp missions or to fast travel all over the map doing pve faction missions which more often than not requires you to kill elite enemies in expeditions… the entire faction token system is so unviable right now it’s stupid. Hope they change this.


I feel you bois, i throw towell on farming faction tokens, before patch i could make 30k-35k per hour now its 15k per hour in reekwater. So i decide to play OPR farm golds and buy everything on TP with desired perks :-). Its not worthy time and effort to farm tokens now. They are creating big gap between new players or slower players and player which hit farm before this patch.

garbage change by tone deaf devs. they keep making things harder and more expensive for new players or those that wont to change their build. you also get fewer tokens for the new “search five chests” quest. the old quest gave 800-1000 but the replacement only grants 400 but takes significantly longer.
OPR needs to start giving some tokens as well because all these hangers are ridiculous.

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Bump, this is rlly anoying. The Quests are stupid and its way to difficult to obtain frak tokens. I mean you have to got to lazarus? For 1k Tokens? Or kill PVP Players and capture the fort also for 1K tokens? this is not much and not worth it.

When you see the efford to craft a key, find a group and manage to really start a dungeon you would have to be rewarded with the cap of your tokens.

You have to pay 7k Tokens to craft the Key and get 1K Tokens from the quest :smiley:

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Agree, they definitely need to change faction quests or rewards

super hard to farm faction tokens now, its stupid how hard is it…

They live in some fairy tale and thought people doing faction missions actually wanted to pvp. Same as the luck bonus lol

i want to do PvP, if u want the faction gear its for do PvP. but the faction quest are extremetly hard

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