Farming is a joke atm

Dear developers,

Can you do something already about the veins, for example starmetal and orichalcum? I swear I’ve tried at early morning, afternoon, late night time to farm but it’s just god damn impossible and it’s getting more frustrating, why would I buy anything from TRADING POST when there is a farm/gather option in the game? but the BOT farmer says no and the no lifers who camping a part of map for a whole day, such a joke. You can’t farm money, you can’t upgrade your armoring, smelting nothing without losing 30k or more but I can’t buy a damn thing aswell because I can’t farm to earn money aswell, so what now? End of the game? Seriously…


Yes welcome to my life! Can’t seem to get to an ore without somebody camping it all day, and they rotate their friends or guild members when they leave


Transfer to a lower pop server for the time being


I’ve heard it ain’t better anywhere, bots are everywhere and if someone plays alot and still camping, changing server won’t help.

Just afk outpost rush. You can watch a movie or something while you do it

Yup I’m farming masses on my lower pop server. When they server merge and the houses stop disappearing I will be loaded and I might be able to buy some houses.

  • Tries to farm early-morning, mid-day and late-night
  • Complains about no-lifers

Pick one


on the server i am on its easy to make money.
orichalcum is a pain to get, there is allways people farming it.
this also makes orichalcum dirt cheap in trading post, starmetal has never been a problem for me atleast, but i know where to go if i need some.
i started a new char the other day and have made loads of gold by farming a few resources like herbs and elemental plants.

My server, Myrkalfar in AP southeast has 0 bots. All nodes are free all day, come on over

Dude, because you can not get solo any node to farm on your server… it does not mean there is something wrong.

Make a group and get to Myrkgard. Stop crying about people babysitting literally 5nodes on the map, because that is how it is.

Also, if you are certain that you encountered bot, report him and make others to report him, otherwise you are not gonna get even that one node, lol.

Need some random spawns to them should help with multiple people sitting at their spawn points.


Come to my server. Low pop. Haven’t seen a bot in days (the last one I saw was a lone fishing bot). You can find veins all day long. There’s starmetal for days. Found a bunch of orichalcum too. Nobody around to mine any of it. I regularly don’t even bother hitting the starmetal veins because then I wind up sitting on a bunch of starmetal cause I’m too lazy to refine it.

It is wrong by the way, you can solo myrkgard aswell, you can not get a single vein. I report every single bot but 1 day ban is nothing. Bruh

Yea surely I will afk in any outpost lol I’m not gonna split on my team, so when I join I’ll play

To the rest of comments, I’m not sure changing server is gonna solve the issue, why would I change server because of this? I chose that server for a reason, my friends are there. They should randomize the spawn of veins or it should be personal gathering with high respawn time.

The Resource spawns need to repopulate randomly and in.a 25 meter area, right now bots are just running a template and clearing us out!

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Bring mobs on the bots and steal the nodes, sadly pretty much the only way to deal with “campers” and bots unless they PvP flag.

I saw a youtube video about bots, they have code setting to heal up when they are on low hp. So they just re-do the stuff.

yep, but you knock them off the node and steal the node, doesn’t matter if they re heal, for now you will get the node.

I know it sucks having to do this but considering the current game mechanics, i don’t see any other way.

Yea but they have the perfect timing for every single vein, I have no patience to fight against a bot.