Farming mats for keys to enjoy content is NOT fun

Sorry, it just isn’t. Can we just accept that this system is trash and move on please? I just want to play the game, not spend what valuable gaming time I have on farming disparate resources from all over the place to put a key together to run the only content there is at end game. Either remove the mat requirements or increase what the keys themselves do. Put a daily lock on the damned things if need be. Stop trying to reinvent every aspect of the gaming wheel. There are some good systems from other games you can lean on that exist because, shocker, people actually like them.


You are right, but they seem to not have enough follow up content in the pipe, so they stall as hard as possible and just hope for returning players when the “big” patches hit.

I dislike this approach quite much.


Timers would be great. It would be way better than this. Even a 48 to 72 hour timer on expeditions, 24 hour timers on arenas… then you can plan your week to hit lazarus and genesis on off days along with an arena with each one.

Imagine being able to plan your week out with your group of friends: we hit genesis monday along with arena 1, we hit lazarus tuesday along with arena 2, wednesday is elites plus an arena. Thursday genesis timer resets so we can do that with an arena again etc…

There is a simple way of fixing the problem:

  1. Move loot from trash mobs to Minor Treasure Chests.
  2. Move loot from bosses to Major Treasure Chests.
  3. Change Expedition Chest to Expedition Treasure Chest, for consistency.
  4. Put all Treasure Chest types on a 23hr cooldown.
  5. Change functionality of Orbs to Reset the 23hr cooldown for Treasure Chests in that Expedition.

This would allow people to run the Expedition as many times as they want, whenever they want. They would be able to help out their company members who need to run Expeditions for quests anytime. And it presents a clear and manageable method of controlling the loot influx.

We’ve had several posts dating back to Alpha about this. We’ve pointed out they need to either make ALL materials (looking at you Corrupted Shards, Fragments, Slivers) to be BoE and/or make Keys access like Heroic mode of the expeditions or increase the drop rate/quality of drops. Currently farming corrupted shards all the time just so my company can enjoy doing Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality is burning me out. We’ve even had a few other max out Stonecutting to try and do the same but it is a burden to a few of us currently since half of the time the drops are mediocre at best.

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