Farming sets could discourages PVP (Improve farming luck if flagged?) . Also we need a Wardrobe o somethig to order and change armor sets quickly

I think that maybe farming sets are discouragin people to flagg to PVP :frowning:

This could be cause when you want to farm, you need and want the “Luck” Sets, and those sets aren´t the best to PVP… so some people chooses to don´t flagg because of this, and some people are farming a lot of time in the game, and then… you have too much people (Farming focused) unnflagged… so, the game is less fun.

I think that a simple solution to this, could be Improving a little all the “Luck farming tipes” while you are PVP Flagged. Or symplifiing the idea of the “50 types of sets needed to play this game”. You need a set for each type of farming, each type of refining and each type of crafting… whitout a system where you can find, order and equip those sets, needed-

Also think we need a sistem to change our sets quickly… its hard to find all the pieces that you have regarding sets… and cause this sistems, the playes can´t have a good order regarding “Sets pieces”, and so… you need to luck city by city to remember where you left some piece of your farming set :frowning: … this could be improved in the future with some tipe of wardrobe or system where you can change sets quickly.

Sorry my english!!! and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Please comment if you agree!

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We need to be able to switch in and out of harvesting, crafting gear quickly.

Lots of exploits occur allowing people to swap combat gear which becomes an issue here as the crafting, harvesting gear has stats. I would be concerned about having a system that would eliminate the macro botter pvpers LOL

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