Farming simulator selling more copies than new world LOL

Was casually looking at best sellers on steam to see lost ark progress. which is doing amazingly considering its a free to play game lol.

thought I would check out new world. it took ALOT, and I mean ALOT of scrolling, but I did find it!

Looks like a yearly subscription to farming simulator more appealing to people than new world.


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Lost ark is all hype so calm down and farming simulator is a didnt type of game.

Different*. I don’t understand what’s the point in filling up these forums with things that have nothing to do with the game. Do you guys have nothing better to do with you’re lives?

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this is purely about new world. and the lack of new player influence being injected into it.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

It’s not about new world. You are on a Lost ark Hype train you are comparing a completely different genre game to new world. We call that “Toxic”. It doesn’t hurt my feelings because I know how to go play other games and not sit on the forums of a different game spreading negative toxicity through it. Maybe grow up? Find better things to do… idk go play a different game and enjoy it? You are not being constructive or anything so again find something better to do with your life.

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Can u wait for your old free p2w korean garbage silently ?

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sheeeesh tough crowd.

if all you got from that was lost ark, then you are blinded by the real fact that new world is losing players, and not gaining any new ones.

It is a valid point, and should be made aware to the player base still clinging to life in hope of a miracle.

Sadly, It’s less p2w than new world.

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I’m assuming xtin turns a blind eye to bots, company’s dominating and controlling taxes and all this stemming to gold seller farms.

I know of people on my server who have dropped thousands of rl $ to gold sellers, just to get an edge over other players.

enjoy your “paid” p2w western garbage.

lost ark seems a bit “pay to win” for my taste.

Thing is New World sold such an insane amount of copies already. Most players who had an interest in it, bought it when it came out, and looking at peak numbers, the game easily sold 2 million copies, while I am inclined to think it was still considerably more, I’d say past 5 million. Sales now will be low alone due to that, and obviously right now the game does not have a good rep and will not draw players who may missed the hype and bought months ago already, but this does not tell us how successful the game could still become, given the time it clearly missed in development, being launched too early.

And Amazon will have no issue with Lost Arc doing well, they bagged the publishing rights for LA and will be making money through it.

You assume a lot of things , typical for a copium abuser . I didnt say anything about new world or that i even play it . Just Lost ark ppl trying to recruit for their p2w shit on every game forum is the most cringe shit i ever saw

NW isn’t pay to win at all, what are you on about?


so you just casually browse all the game forums you don’t play just to troll people.

gotcha, thanks for clarifying.

NW is more in the category of exploit to win :partying_face:

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np , still better than ur cringe steam charts and lost ark pee pee sucking

So lets say someone on western servers matches this korean whale that drops 700K USD to whale his way to the top.

what is he actually winning? he hits some bigger numbers on a raid boss. this helps everyone WIN, in a number of ways. the people in his raid obviosuly, but also the millions of people who will now get to play this game FREE because of him, and people like him.

Mr 700K whale go’s into arena, he hits the same numbers as you and me :wink:

I think the whole pay to win is a little blown up. change my mind

I won’t even try Lost Ark as I am not interested in the camera angle and click to move. It will be fine with some, but I left that behind once I left Runescape behind over a decade ago. It is totally ok to like it, but you will find millions of players who will not touch it for that reason alone, and that’s grand as well, the market has room for all sorts.

However, again - New World already sold an insane amount of copies, people still own it, people are just not playing it right now for a variety of reason, but if New World starts addressing those reasons, and they can, and hopefully they will, New World will rise again and might even come to dominate the market, until Ashes of Creations launches (if that ever happens…) and then it will depend if AoC can live up to its own mega hype, and if it can, these two games will compete with each other. LA is not competing with New World, only for a small overlapping % of the market. Instead NW’s market is the ESO and GW2 market, WoW to pull players from it, but I don’t think WoW is still gaining new players as such, but ESO and GW2 do, they actually still also work as entry games for the mmo market, same as New World could, eventually.

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This guy gets it.

Lmao, are you serious right now?