Farming Syndicates, PvP Mode Enabled

Yesterday was probably the most fun i’ve had in New World since the Closed Beta.

My Syndicate kill achivement when i logged inn yesterday was 2/150.
At 22:34 when i ended the game for the evening, it was at 123/150.

My day started with the usuall Reekwater Elite Chest Farm, i always run these solo.
After the previous patch though i though that well 10% luck is gonna be a good way to increase my chances for some proper loot, my HWM is currently sitting pretty solid.
I myself am a terrible PvP player and i am currently running FS/IG.

The first thing that happened was that i met a whole company of syndicates all with PvP on.
(About 40 people, impossible to count)
Hopefull as i am i started wandering towards them, but i quickly realized that 5-6 of them started running towards me, i went straight for the crocodile swamps, but no luck, they kept chasing me far into the swamp until they tok the mortal blow and struck me down.

I had to run from the settlement and back, hoping they would have started their run… they had not, same thing again got chased down and killed.
So i decided to run up from the opposite side, this was the play… got my way to the first chest… realized i was there about 30mins before the elite chest was even ready, so i decided to climb up the tree next to it just so see if i could spot the Syndicate gang.

Low and behold there they were, tok my FireStaff out, readied my Fireballs.
My first Fireball started ticking on them, it was a direct hit but no kills, but you could see them be fully aware, suddenly all of them scattered around leaving the tank and acouple of healers standing there wondering what happend.
Them all scattering around caused a massive chaos, they pulled Elites from all directions, light armor users started dropping, this was my chance i fired a new Fireball, direct hit 2 of them got down, now i just had to snipe their corpse.
This was done without issues as they all tried to find out where the fire was raining from.
A few minuttes later and the syndicate team was moving towards chest nr.2, i followed but kept a good distance while crouching to hide my nameplate.
This time they were prepared, they had 2 great axe users and 2 bow users standing in the back now guarding the entrance, while the rest killed off elites, they started chasing me, my only option was to jump down, tok me some time through the swamps to get back up again.
This time they were nowhere to be seen, i got the chests i was there for and started heading towards Shattered Mountains.
And wouldn’t you know it, the same Company now mixed up with another company, probably around 60 Syndicates.

I kept to my strats, kept low and far behind, when they pulled the big boss elites that was the times i let them feel the fire.
Every encounter i was able to pick them off one by one, while standing on the mountains shelfs, the bowmen tried fireing their arrows at me, sometimes they hit, sometimes they didn’t but i had 27Infused Health Potions, i was more than ready to stay there all day or atleast for agood couple of hours.

123 kills , 26 deaths and the longest elite chest farm i’ve ever done later and i only sat there thinking that this was the absolute most fun in NW thus far, also got a 503 Epic Void Gauntlet with decent stats and perks so a decent haul at the end of the day aswell.

EDIT; A few of my deaths was on top of the houses in Myrkgard, insanely fun to jump from roof to roof shooting at people chasing me.
I even won 2 duels up there which was super fun.
Though the guys with Great Axes was way to much for me to handle.

How was the PvP Mode Chaos on your server?


You’re about to unleash war in the forums :rofl:

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Syndicate deserved it, they’re a plague on many servers.

I actually find the syndicates on my server to be the nicest people.
As a Marauder myself i’ve had runnins with the Covenants who has been a bunch of Aholes, but the syndicates have been super nice, and i got plenty of friends there that has taken the liberty to bring me along on their Genesis runs and comes running as soon as i need help from hem.

Though when PvP modes is on, then i wouldn’t blame them for chasing me down, that’s kinda the risk i am running when i want that extra luck.

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