Farming Trade Skill

Could you imagine being able to grow your own onions, broccoli, coliflower, ect instead of going to farming spots or having to hope chests drop the resource you want. Or even be able to raise particular animals turkeys, chickens, cows for the dropped resources.

I think that would be nice to have and give us more things to do.


Yes please, if you want to add some conditional modifiers to make it more challenging that’s fine with us as long as the rewards are worth it.

For example, growing some vegetables requires you to water them everyday for 2 - 3 days straight. Failure to do so decreases the yield of the crop. So the crop takes 2 days to grow fully and if you don’t water them everyday or if the soil is not nutrient-enriched you get less yield (min. 1, max 3)

In addition, PLEASE MAKE HOUSES INSTANCED this is to reduce the lag when decorating houses and make it so it’s less laggy in general. To accommodate farming maybe give us a chance to earn a larger property so we can actually plant stuff, turn this game into PVPxPVExStardewValley lol

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Why do I keep seeing a mixture between Sims and Farmville reading this post…and I’m a pve’r :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Loved farming in Runescape I 2nd this idea

Well I mean we already have player housing, with many of the plots including a back yard or window sills to place plants in if you’re good at finessing house furniture objects.

We’re getting musical instruments and a new mini-game system with the next patch, so something like farming would be an easy addition. More things to do are always good.

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I agree with all the sentiments so far. At least one of my houses has a backyard. I’d love to grow something in it.

There appears to be some remnants of farming in the game.


Guess it was either scrapped early or just a non-priority

no they have to put these back in

Great idea. Practical things like this make housing way more interesting! As of now I only use them as storages but if they get more practical use, I might even consider to decorate haha

Was going to make a post similar to this

I think we should be able to buy land, build custom houses and there and have farms

You’d always be able to sell wood and stone forever and people would have some content to really paste them selves into.

It would also be nice to be able to grow my own damn garlic

:thinking: Not a bad idea @MerloClover. I agree with @ReadyPlayer’s idea and adding the conditions on farming just for a little more difficulty. I will forward this feedback to the Development team for review.

Cool, but complicated. These areas would have to be instanced, not current open world land.

@o-o yeah, i can only imagine the complexities of putting something like this in the game.

Another sugestion would be to turn the farms outside of each settlement into purchasable instanced areas. For example if you go out north gate in WW theres a small farm it would be cool to purchase that and enter your own instance.

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You said it! Please let them know it’s such a cool feature and would breathe in life in aeternum

:eyes: Adding farms outside each settlement for purchase? Yeah, I think that’s an awesome idea solution on how to implement this idea!

@Nippys I like the enthusiasm and creativity, but I do agree with @Hiply. I think that would be super complex to implement into the game.

Absolutely, @ReadyPlayer! I have passed this along so the Development team can review this idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Archeage has alot of systems that i think if applied to this game would make it much more fun in my opinion. Alot of their pve stuff was the funnest ive ever played. just the lifeskill aspect of the game was super fun