Fast Travel is Too Expensive

Ever since the Void update, the amount of azoth it takes to travel around the map has virtually tripled. This is an insane change that seems to only be focused on sucking more time out of the players for no reason.

I regularly run Myrk, Mines, Reekwater, PvP missions, and more… but am still struggling to tp anywhere due to lack of azoth. I have played almost 200 hours of the game, I feel like I should have earned the ability to travel to places I’ve been a million times before. Maybe adding in a TP discount into the territory options? Something. Anything. It’s wasting my time and I don’t have enough of that as it stands between work and real life.

For example, from Cutlass to North Mourningdale is 355 azoth with literally ZERO encumbrance cost. God forbid you’re helping people in different areas of the map, you physically have to run cross-map after 2-3 trips.


Hey, have you checked the forts in Monarchs/Cutlass/First Light? Maybe your faction controlled one of these before and you don’t anymore? They change the azoth cost for teleporting, and are desired.


The forts/Cities change all the time, as I’m sure is intended. However, the prices had a straight % cost increase. Our whole map was green (im purple) at one point, and it was still cheaper to TP around. Now it’s pretty even split and it’s crazy expensive :confused:

I’ve noticed the same thing, I used to see prices of 40 - 70ish all the time, now it averages about 160 - 280, even though I am in a more dominant faction than before… I literally am forced to run everywhere because there is no way I am blowing through my Azoth in 5 trips

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The whole fast travel system needs a rethink. I’ve always viewed FT as a way of just removing some of the tedium in games with a big map area. First you have to discover a location, then you can FT to it. There are times when I want to run, explore, gather mats, etc. Some days I just have an hour or so to play and don’t want to spend 15 minutes running from place to place - trying to find a Tier 4 forge last night was a calssic example.

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I find the prices quite fine as they are. I’m almost Azoth cap most of the time, I run from place to place if its low distance, and always fine useful stuff on the way. There’s also teleport to Inn or the house. I think people are just too much in a hurry nowadays.

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I’m at 46 atm and doing the Wyrd kit missions. I’ve just had to run all the way down to far south-east corner of the map - First Light - to collect some items. Now the mission continues in Great Cleeve, the Defiler Excavation, all the way up north, or 305 Azoth to the shrine there (or 292 to a nearby town). Previous to that I had to collect items down in First Light (again) and forge them at a Tier 3 forge. But on my world, there aren’t any in First Light so i had to go to Windsward, after travelling to Cutlass Keys and finding the forge there has just downgraded.

I can’t kill things or gather stuff fast enough to keep up with the demands of fast travel and this mission is just “go here, gather this. Go there, gather that”. I don’t need to be running for 15 minutes between each one or clearing out my azoth to do it. Yes I’m trying to do other stuff along the way and yes, we’re looking for a better world.

  1. Set your recall to your current questing area.

  2. Buy a couple of houses in various locations around the map. Reset of house recall is cheap.

  3. Be sure to capture Forts for cheaper Fast Travel rates.

  4. Plan your trips. Don’t just go back and forth around the map.

  5. Do Corruption trains for easy Azoth.

  6. Main Questline gives lots of Azoth.

  1. Current quest is all over the map.
  2. Can’t afford houses or the “Extreme” taxes in almost every settlement (anoter reason for finding another world)
  3. Low pop server means we cant get the people together.
  4. I am - but this mission makes that impossible
  5. See 3 and they only ever want level 60 chars.
  6. Yes but at 300 azoth a time to move anywhere it runs out fast

But none of those should apply. FT should just be a thing, in the way that Bethesda do it for Skyrim, Fallout, etc. When you want to move around fast, you can, easily. If you want to go slow, you can as well.

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  1. What quest is it?

  2. Cheap house will do. And then save your coin.

  • Don’t buy items unless you need to.
  • Farm materials and sell them.
  • x3 Daily Faction missions gives triple coin.
  • Expeditions give good coin.
  1. You can take Forts solo.

  2. Corruption events can be done solo from level 30 with lifesteal builds such as GA with Reap, Warhammer Crowd Crusher especially if you craft Leeching Path of Destiny, Hachet Beserker or have Life Staff as Secondary. Also might want to craft some corrupted potions.

  3. I’m guessing you are around level 30 part of the main story that makes you go Brightwood to Reekwater and back and forth. If so, yes this part was tedious and annoyed me too. These quests are supposed to guide you to the next zone and pick up quests there while doing the main quest between. But imo they are designed badly for this part of the game. Around level 40 you tend to spend more time doing multiple quests in specific zones.

Imagine being a developer, spending hundreds of hours making a beautiful world and players just fast travel to each quest and expedition without enjoying and experiencing the world. It’s straight up insulting and isn’t what an Open World RPG is about. The fact is, fast travel impacts overall playtime and reduces player immersion.

I can understand you want to play how you want. But the developers vision of the game is to also experience random encounters, experience the world, it’s beauty, dangers and lore.

The Azoth restriction not only reduces your fast travelling to encourage more open world roaming but effects a dozen other things too. For example; for Territory control and PVP, you have to travel sparingly. You can’t just fast travel around at no cost, taking any/ all Forts. Fast travelling would also result in less PVP flagged players roaming reducing random open world PVP encounters.

I disagree with that entirely. If you could fast travel everywhere froim the outset, then yes, maybe. But most other games I’ve played you have to travel on foot to locations first and discover them before you can fast travel there. And I’ve played Skyrim and the Fallout games to death, explored pretty much every square foot of the maps on foot, finding stuff to do or just admiring the views - Skyrim is pretty amazing for that.

Please read the posts first though. I’m very much a casual player, an hour or two at most a day. Having several sets of kit for different jobs hasn’t been necessary so far. I’ll look into it though.

I have a lot more hours than 200 and wholeheartedly agree.
I want to have to spend Azoth on meaningful things. Not on getting from point A to Point B.
They need to find other/better avenues for Azoth consumption.

No. Heres why…
If they have these beautiful locales and greatly designed areas they need to find a way to incentivise people to visit them. Not force them to run through because the cost to teleport is outrageous.
Im 60 with over 400 hours, I pretty much have the map memorized. There is nothing left to explore…

“Im 60 with over 400 hours, I pretty much have the map memorized. There is nothing left to explore…”

This ^. It also forces people who don’t have the time to spend running everywhere into a lackluster experience. If you have hours and hours to play every day, sure it’s not an issue. If I only have a few hours a week? Yeah, it sucks.

I will run between points when I need to, but I’d like to be able to play the game reasonably as well. This is a major block to actually enjoying the game for a lot of people, and they can’t afford to drive even more of the population away right now.

But fast travel is free, just coast Azoth…

Azoth vials are like 60gp. Outpost rush gives a ton of Azoth, portals give a ton of azoth. I own a home in WW, BW and Reekwater. The furthest trip I have to take is across 2 zones and if I had my inn in Shattered Mountain it would cut it down even more but I have my inn in Weaver’s since my guild owns it and I list my goods there.

50 azoth to reset a house recall at max and reduced by 12.5 per hour.

Also with the “extreme” taxes you are talking about, due to the current tax rebate occurring most cities have raised their taxes to the max because they are losing revenue from the decreased taxes. I’m currently paying around 70gp a week on my T1 house with the “extreme” taxes.

Just to add, yesterday when my faction owned Weaver’s and BW (and several forts) it was only 17 azoth to travel when I had about 300 weight on me.

Yes, this is a problem. Nothing worse than being stranded having to run to get somewhere. Most people will choose the “log off” option.

This will just cause more population loss if they don’t fix the Azoth/FT problem. Rule one with MMOs, don’t punish players. Fast Travel is player punishment.