Fast Travel - not fixed

Ok, so in the last patch the Fast Travel costs were supposed to be “FIXED” … nope, didn’t happen. Fast travel costs are running nearly half of 1000 azoth and that is for a short trip with a half empty bag. Now, randomly, the cost will drop to a comfortable rate - like less than 200 for a long distance - but this weekend it’s been outrageously expensive.

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I can confirm that travel costs have only decreased minimally, but not noticeably.

Lowering the costs 1% is a fix in their eyes. Mark it off the list!

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Moving this from the German to the English feedback category.

Hey, movement!

But seriously though - the azoth costs are way wonky. They really are sometimes very good and other times so expensive. Like half bag, faction terry, owned fort will sometimes run 4 times as much than other times. I’d say it’s like 50/50 fixed.

The costs are silly for a capped currency that is shared with crafting. Fast Travel needs to be much less expensive. Charge for porting from the wilds, or to reset a free option on cooldown. But make Fast to Fast free.

Alternative suggestion: make Shrine to Shrine free. There have been more shrines added, several are close to settlements but outside. Make those free. These are outside Settlement control, if that is the issue the design team has issues with.

There lower from settlement to settlement only.

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