Fast Traveling Cost can change?

So I have the impression my fast traveling costs (azoth) doubled or tripled since last weekend.
I am not sure but I can swear no matter what scenario, be it just to next nearest shrine, be it into a different faction territory or the other side of the map, I payed way way less last weekend.

Please spare us of lecturing posts what scenarios there are and what costs more than others. We all know that already.

Someone mentioned it’s because we lost a certain region or something like that.
Can this be true and what exactly is it that can change the azoth price for fast traveling WHEN it is not the normal ingame things we all know about?
So thats my question.

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There are 3 type of costs associate to fast travel:

Base cost (I think it is fixed)
Distance cost (the further away the more costly it is)
Weight cost (the more weight you carry, the more costly it is)

Further more there is faction discount: if you try to travel to region your faction holding, it have faction discount that reduce cost.

Also one main issue with weight cost, the higher level you are, the more bags and better bags you can carry. This allow you to carry more stuff but this also cost you lot more azoth as you level up

What you can do? buy a house

  • The house should be one territory jump to everywhere like Windsward. this can cut down distance cost
  • The house give you a free recall every few hours
  • you can spend azorth to reset your recall, and it is very likely the reset is cheaper than your fast travel cost
  • Setup your Inn recall to somewhere else that also allow you jump between house and another region
  • if you want to fast travel to place not in the same territory as your house. Pick the closest recall point (e.g. your house or inn) then fast travel from there
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There is also a company discount, if you are part of the company owning the territory.

just read tips or guides and you will now it can increase and decrease

Guys guys hold your horses!
I might have put my words in the wrong way.
I said, I am aware of all the combinations for fast traveling and that territory and distance and weight all have an factor.
But for some reason I had the impression that for a distance I had payed always the same amount, has now doubled even though on the map and in my inventory not much has changed!
Just wanted to know if there is something like that, when occupying a certain region, that faction gets a bonus on fast traveling overall or was that guy just making things up?

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but there are no mount in this game…

and it is sooo goooood

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Did you consider the 3 forts that reduce azoth cost?

Because forts can easily change factions unnoticed travel prices change frequently.

Cutlass keys, Monarch’s or first light fort buffs? Maybe you had 1 or all of those for a long time and now your faction lost them and just noticed the difference without them.
Compared to any other fort buff, those 3 are massive buffs.

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