Favoritism for thieves and cheats

With a player based economy coin has an important roll to play in the game, but when they made the game they missed something HUGE. There isn’t any kind of transaction log for the company treasury. Meaning that a consul member can withdraw the entirety of those funds and take off with their transfer token or worse; stick around and point the finger at everyone else on consul. If you ask customer service for help you get something like, “be careful who you trust.”

I got lucky and actually got a customer service rep who seemed to care and they asked the devs to look into it. The info I was provided with much later was, “It is a bit difficult to verify this, but indeed it looks like consul took the guild’s money… There is no confirmation of ___ taking the money from company treasury since the information is a bit old to check, but there is moderate confidence. You can let the player know about this and advise them to be careful who they appoint to ranks in the company.” Why is it so difficult to confirm a theft in a computer game written in code? Seriously the answer was lazy on the part of the dev/tech that provided the answer. If there was a transaction log of some sort, like in other games, this wouldn’t be an issue. This game simply seems to favor thieves and cheats; the scum of the gaming community.


I feel your pain, but the AGS people have missed an awful lot more than just this :frowning:

I mean, look at the market place? Is that some sort of ironic statement from the world’s biggest market place creator?


What ever happened to the company changes that are listed in this post?

Luxendra: Update on Current Issues #2

where is the … we are gonna copy strike youtubers that try to report a bug ? cant see it

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AGS Customer Service is disappointing to say the least. I know what you are referring to and their actions struck a nerve that brought me back to this post. I wonder if they even understand what the players are trying to communicate to them. We are asking for help and change for the better not gold or handouts. And how it is copyright infringement when the guidelines they set are being followed?

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