FEAR for future exploits!

You are aware about of what I am talking about. Who in the world thought that choosing ‘that’ side was a good idea?

You fucked up, and… you already showed us examples that you will not solve problems, just patch them to save ingame economy.

There is some plans to solve this MAYOR issue? I know that, rigth now, you can not say more than the patch notes… I enjoy the game but, this thing… scares me to the point I am not sure if I want to keep playing the game…

It’s a shame that Amazon not gave you the enough resources to make the game in the RIGHT way… you know, it’s friking Amazon and this is indie/scam game problem.

Well, I am discouraged, bye.



Later, be safe

I think he talks about the client authorization. The server accepts everything your client says.


Man, why didn’t he just say that.
But yeah, whatever intern made that decision is denoted back to coffee duty.


False. Look up repetition and stop listening to clickbait.

Like to explain? Becasue I don’t know what you mean with that.

Repetition in programming. All online games or programs collect certain things locally then there are checks and balances server side to determine what actually happened, with some complex math. That is one of the purposes of server tickrate.

Have you played a modern shooter? Shot a guy, know you got the shot but then you died? Or maybe got shot and never saw the person (maybe thought hacker)? That’s just what the server calculated. His response to the server was better. This will never be perfect.

When you as a player does something In a game, it has to feel seemless with the server. Now, if you have 50 people around you it has to go:

Your client > isp and many servers over thousands of miles > amazon > many servers in 50 directions > each individual players screen. All while checking the validity of what happened to you.

So just because you think you are seeing something, doesn’t make it accurate when the server is done. If calculations are off, issues arise. Facts are, it will never be perfect. Too many hardware and internet speeds to factor.

Tldr; data has to be collected then checked. There are some predictions involved but just because you see something doesn’t make it true.

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And what does that have to do with the New World Client authorization which was pointed out? I get your point it will never be perfect, but a shooter is a different type of game then an MMORPG where you could manipulate your client in many ways.


Just watch this video New World is Broken - YouTube. It is not about standard latency problems. It is about some incompetent fool deciding to put important mechanic calculations on client side in an MMO game. I guess maybe they did it to save calculation performance on their stupid AWS server, IDK.

The fact is: your client is responsible for processing some key mechanics, like, for ex. taking damage. So instead of server saying to your client “you took damage - you are dead” he says to you “Please process this damage request” and waits for your client to answer. So exploits right now are pretty simple - you just need to make your client stop responding like… going into windowed mode and dragging game screen to make it stop processing. So basically people already are exploiting it in wars - they just run to the point, start dragging their screen around, their client practically stops receiveing server requests about incoming damage and for the server (and everyone else) you are basically invincible. They hit you, but you don’t register damage and continue capping point all the same time. This is simple exploit and maybe easy to fix.

But what it basically means - your client has control on processing mechanics like damage application and etc. Right now people only starting to scratch the surface of exploits. Like hanging the client to prevent your character death. What everyone who knows a little bit of sw development fears is that as soon as they will break the client code (and it always happen at some point cause client is running on users environment) and be able to control the processing - god knows what they will be able to do.

To avoid this games normal (made by professional sw developers) games are putting every possible calculation on server side. Take WOT or WOWS - for example. It is impossible for you to find enemy until server tells you - ok, now you see enemy. You make a shot - server processes it and server processes shots on you. So even if you pause, disconnect or do anything with your client - server will still kill you when your hp goes down, no matter what your client is doing. But in New World instead of server controlling such things - client does it!

I am afraid I put a ton of my time into a game with no f***ing future. How come Amazon developers were so incompetent is beyond my understanding.


I guess the point was missed. Just because you can do something client side, doesn’t mean that actually happened on the server.

I will say, this is some quality click bait. Dude doesn’t demonstrate anything. He shows other speculative articles and talks a lot.

Do some testing of damage with friends. Report bugs. Be sure to compare with recordings from all angles.

You got all that from a dude whining about things he read? Do some testing my friend.

After I discovered that the game is developed as Client Authoritative, what is unacceptable to an MMO, is just a matter of time to hundreds and hundreds of exploits to appear.

As you can see, they just find ways to mitigate the problem, not fix it, because is the base of the game that was built wrong, and it isn’t easy to change or fix.

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Dude, people already did testing in wars. Guess you missed all the topics about war exploits. And in the video he demonstrates how you can freeze your character mid air not just for you, but for another person (scroll to 0:25 seconds)

Now for your next programming lesson… the interface is basically a web browser. Load a slow webpage and shake it. It will freeze. If you do this on a shopping cart, it won’t save you money.

This is legit some dude ranting about other people ranting. You got trolled by a guy that probably lost his town day 1 and has an agenda.

I have been in over 34 wars. Promise it isn’t a thing. AoE lag is but no absurd damage or weird floaters. There is a weird Lumberyard thing where other games unrender clutter, this one freezes animation. Still have zero issue crushing purple.

There is NO checks nor “balance” (what ever that means) servers side.

You could literaly FREEZE you character MID AIR with the de-sync bug that was caused by shaking you screen around in window mod.

If there would be back-end checks, the server would say its weird that some player keeps it Y axis for longer than 2 or 3 frames while sending its position to the server. Which wasn’t the case with this exploit.

Game is borked, thats all there is to see.

Tells me you know nothing about web delevopment nor development at all.

There are ASYNCHRONOUS requests and communication between the server and the clients. Freezing your window doesn’t change anything of what is running behind your client.

Look up for Ajax, Jquery and all that stuff, you gonna learn a bunch before spewing nonsense.

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my gooood - can you watch the video longer then first 15 seconds or are you just trolling? scroll to 0:25. You will see from another character that server basically puts 1st person on hold when his client stops processing requests. You can see that 1st person literally stops in the air from the point of view of a 2nd person - i.e. from server’s point of view.

You float on your screen but not everyone else. One out of 20 may see you float but I will still be able to slam your knees with a shield.

BTW how are you super jumping on a flag?

Starting to feel like some gamers losing wars searching for an excuse beyond you got out played.