FEAR for future exploits!

Now for your next programming lesson… the interface is basically a web browser. Load a slow webpage and shake it. It will freeze. If you do this on a shopping cart, it won’t save you money.

This is legit some dude ranting about other people ranting. You got trolled by a guy that probably lost his town day 1 and has an agenda.

I have been in over 34 wars. Promise it isn’t a thing. AoE lag is but no absurd damage or weird floaters. There is a weird Lumberyard thing where other games unrender clutter, this one freezes animation. Still have zero issue crushing purple.

There is NO checks nor “balance” (what ever that means) servers side.

You could literaly FREEZE you character MID AIR with the de-sync bug that was caused by shaking you screen around in window mod.

If there would be back-end checks, the server would say its weird that some player keeps it Y axis for longer than 2 or 3 frames while sending its position to the server. Which wasn’t the case with this exploit.

Game is borked, thats all there is to see.

Tells me you know nothing about web delevopment nor development at all.

There are ASYNCHRONOUS requests and communication between the server and the clients. Freezing your window doesn’t change anything of what is running behind your client.

Look up for Ajax, Jquery and all that stuff, you gonna learn a bunch before spewing nonsense.

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my gooood - can you watch the video longer then first 15 seconds or are you just trolling? scroll to 0:25. You will see from another character that server basically puts 1st person on hold when his client stops processing requests. You can see that 1st person literally stops in the air from the point of view of a 2nd person - i.e. from server’s point of view.

You float on your screen but not everyone else. One out of 20 may see you float but I will still be able to slam your knees with a shield.

BTW how are you super jumping on a flag?

Starting to feel like some gamers losing wars searching for an excuse beyond you got out played.

You will be able to hit my character year - but the damage won’t be processed. I won’t be killed until I unfreeze my client. More then that - Amazon admnitted to this exploit in patch notes. They just not admitted to the severity of problem. Check this out: Invincibility exploit is back and ruining wars

Thats were you are wrong. You float on your screen AND you float on everyone else client. Cause no back-end check. You send your frozen position to the server, and the server replicates your false position to everyone else, Cause the server doesn’t double check anything.

Witch mean the day hackers find a way to change their position at will, they will be able to teleport / speed hack and all.

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I don’t know what you are trying to exemplify here, but I never, and I hope anyone in their career life, develop a shopping cart that trusts the client-side.

This is one example that the way the server trusts the client, many many other exploits will appear pretty fast, just need to wait for players to find the way, which will not be hard.

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I don’t believe you.

I did watch it. That could literally be normal lag, a disconnect… one sample is anecdotal. A master in anything in this world would know that.

20 years of programming experience, tried to reproduce this…didn’t work. 50 plus runs. Would give zero advantage.

I went to community college and mama didn’t raise a fool.


Now I get that you are trolling, nice one you got me good. Here have my like.

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The point isn’t the way this exploit works. The problem is the server trust the client, which open a lot of exploit possibilities.

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he got us good bro, you can stop xD

You are frozen in mid-air for everyone, because the client is not responding to the server in that state. The server thinks you are offline and that’s it, the server gets told “oh no response? so the is offline i will wait” making you float as long as you wiggle that window, your client response to the server when you stop and only THEN the server accepts that you are falling.

Same for damage, the server tells your client “You took 500 damage from swing” You drag your window around all the time, the client does not register that hit so you are not dying until you stop the dragging and your client processes all the lined up requests from the server. So as long as you drag it around, the damage will never be registered to you, so the server does not get the answer from your client “i am dead now” so you won’t die till your client tells the server so.

You guys can be sure that if this wasnt a problem,
They would have answered already by now.
The fact this has been brought up multiple times and they never say anything shows quite bit of the situation tbh

i have the same type of fear, im afraid within the next few weeks someone is gonna come out and level crafters to 200 with some silly exploit and will make me look like a fool for grinding as hard as i did. im also afraid the only fix to all of this is to nuke the entire game and start over and thus will delete my 350hrs of progress. this game has too many issues for me invest any more time in. therefore i am out and uninstalling.

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The integrity of the game is almost gone, I don’t think some players realize the inequity caused in the first month by exploits, bugs, bots, mass companies, alpha/beta experience. Players are extremely rich now and have highly impactful control of other players experiences. Taxes, bank transfer, azoth travel fees and trading post manipulation and other factors all add up to start changing your gameplay experience in a player driven virtual world. I’ll give you an example, one faction on my server is completely wiped out owning no territories already. They lost 4. Anyone on that faction now is having a completely different game experience than players on the top faction.

More bugs and exploits in the future only widens the disparity between players.


And now the chat box, fml.

This game will be almost bug free in 2023…

Told you so.


The explanation of the invisibility bug just invalidates the statement made by the example of the chopping tree.

The server does all the animation of the chopping tree to ensure all calculation is done there, when it starts and when it ends, but for rolls, it trusts the client to say when the roll ended. How many other things it trust the client to give the info, that is the question.

The client doesn’t do, for example, the damage calculation, otherwise from day one some weird damage number gonna pop up pretty fast. The problem is the things we don’t know yet that the server trusts the client.

I love listening to people rant about things they don’t have all the facts on, and then when shut down by developers, go off on a different tangent.

Where’s my popcorn.