[Feature Request] Saved loadouts/gear sets

I would like to request a feature where we can save loadouts. I plan to have a main set of gear, a set of gear for gathering, and perhaps a secondary support role gear set. It would be nice to be able to save these to quickly equip them.

This feature should also include an indication on items in inventory when they are part of a set and/or automatically “lock” items which are included in a set - to prevent them being sold/traded/etc


As someone who will main healing and tank, and have dps for soloing… seconded. :slight_smile:

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100% Agree, It would be super helpful to be able to organize/store different loadouts (gear, stats, weapon mastery) for all the different content. My Siege Setup is different than my leveling is different than my dungeon…etc

Maybe to make it seem more “Fair” and “Balanced” as you level you can Buy/Unlock More Slots for Stats/Loadouts?

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Exactly what i was hoping for. Here i am maining musket and spear. But i would love to use the fire staff or the sword and shield too. But it wouldn’t work quite Well with alot of dexterity and tanking in light armor hurts. I wouldn’t mind paying the respec cost if i didn’t needed to click every single stat new.
I love the idea of paying for extra loadout/attribute slots. Even if it would be 5k gold or so. And not even bothering if it only would be changeable inside the hamlets

yes, please add this. Would be nice, so i don’t have to look through all the gear, so see which i have to equip, for what i’m gathering. Especialy when you switch around. Especialy since we can’t move things around, as you would be able to in some other mmo. Where you can place things next to each other

PLEASE we need this badly… A quick way to do it crudely would be to have a section of the storage that has little slots in it so things can be arranged spatially - sort of how in WoW you can arrange items into clusters in the bank.

Yes please this would be so good.

bumping this. we need 20 gear set slots. lol

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