Feature Request

Please supply someway to organize armor sets and weapons. The ability to rename items bound to you for searching purposes, or favorite them. Or search for perks in inventory, or make folders in inventories. (folders is the ideal option I believe, and it would also be nice to be able to associate weapons with armor sets)

Please allow for filtering for stats in shop so I don’t have to look through 50 rings of which only 10 of them have focus and only 2 of them will have the right price.

Some way of getting an idea for what the price of armor/weapon should cost, like how you can see every other item’s going price, just combine all light helmets, medium helmets, etc give the ability to sort by perks in the selling screen so you don’t have to change between buy tab and sell tab so frequently.

I just a bayonet on the musket for melee and a smoother reworked trapper tree that does not feel clunky to play

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